Lasik Procedure Recommendation

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Lasik Procedure Recommendation

Postby piscfish » Fri Nov 16, 2007 8:54 pm

Just a little bit history about my eyes. I have been wearing eyeglasses and contact lenses ever since I can remember. I have been wearing eyeglasses for about 5 years, then, I started to wear gas permeable contact lenses and I would say I have been wearing it for about 10 years. I never had eye surgery before and every time I did my eye exam, the optometrists said they are healthy. When I was in my early teenage year, I had a little white bump in my eyes and I believe it was in my eyelid, not on the eye. I only had several time and I believe it was due to not washing my hands when I needed to and it caused infection. I have not had any infection ever since. In my recent eye exam check at the Kaiser Ophthalmology department, the doctor said my optic nerve is a little big bigger than average.

Now, to the Lasik consultation. I have been to four consultations and I have mentioned to them about the optic nerve and the white bump in my eye on one of the consultations (they are all very good doctors). They all said it would not a problem for the surgery. Is this true? After I have gone through four different consultations, I became confused and need directions/recommendations as to which one to go. Following is my eye information and in general, they all said I have healthy eyes.

Right eye: -9 with low astigmatism; pupil size: 6.5; cornea thickness: 520
Left eye: -9 with low astigmatism; pupil size: 6.5; cornea thickness: 530

Recommended procedures:
1st consultation - MICRO-Lasik (the ultra-thin flap) with microkeratome and I believe he said VISX for the laser.
2nd consultation - microkeratome with Alegretto laser.
3rd consultation - IntraLase with Alegretto laser.
4th consultation - IntraLase with VISX laser.

I hope I provided enough information and thanks in advance.
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