More info RE LASIK Vision Institute

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More info RE LASIK Vision Institute

Postby rvbca » Mon Dec 11, 2006 3:28 am

YOur web site states you have some comments regarding Lasik Vision Institute - since they are very aggressive in advertising were I reside - and I did go in for a evaluation which consisted of filing out a form, they told me to take off my glasses - and they did some sort of reading on one machine, one of their "counselors spoke to me - after asking me how much do I want to pay? She basically told me how nice their reception area is in Atlanta and briefly explained the procedure. When I asked for information regarding costs, etc - I was handed an assortment of flyers with different costs associated - and asked if I wanted to leave my $ 300.00 deposit? I asked what category do I fall into - and was given a vague answer. Oh, yeah - at the very end of the conversation - I was asked if I wear bifocals, which I do - and she asked why don't have a line? Response: No Line bifocals.

Bottomline - before, I commit I would like to know what or were I can obtain the information that is alluded to on your website.
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Postby LasikExpert » Mon Dec 11, 2006 8:35 pm

All high volume practices have their advantages and disadvantages. These are probably most variable in areas that may be best described as "look and feel" than anything more specific. Some people don't like the piece-by-piece pricing or the fast moving environment that tends to be associated with high volume practices. Some are more comfortable in a smaller, slower, and more personalized environment.

All practice environments can have excellent and less than excellent surgeons. It is important to focus on the quality of the surgeon. We (of course) recommend those Lasik doctors certified by our organization, or use our 50 Tough Questions For Your Lasik Doctor to help evaluate any potential surgeon.
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Thank you

Postby rvbca » Tue Dec 12, 2006 1:14 am

Thank you for your response. The surgeon I was told who would perform the procedure is certified. The procedure established in this localty, after paying the $300, consists of a couple of visits to the local Eye Glass World, and then, referral to the Atlanta office. So, I will not have a chance to talk to the surgeon until the procedure. So, I'm considering traveling back and forth just so I can deal with the surgeon.

Again, thank you
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