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Postby LasikExpert » Mon Jan 15, 2007 7:44 pm

ssmarsh8 wrote:Should I ask that [the pain medication prescription] be called in prior to my surgery, so that I can have it filled prior to going in?

Yes, this is an excellent idea as most pain medications take a while to become effective and this will be much more convenient.

ssmarsh8 wrote:My other question is regarding the bandage contact lens. The surgery coordinator on the phone did nothing to schedule additional follow-up examinations, but won't this be necessary?

The bandage contact lens is commonly removed 5-10 days after surgery, depending upon how the epithelium is healing. You should check with the doctor's staff to be sure you have an appointment scheduled at that time, unless they take patients on a walk-in basis for this relatively quick exam and contact lens removal.

Please be sure to let us know how things go.
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Postby GodsClay » Sun Jan 21, 2007 5:01 am

WOW ---- I can certainly relate to your situation. I too have low myopia but with astigmatism. It has been suggested that I elect for PRK instead of Lasik too.

All of your reasons for INITIALLY considering Lasik over PRK are identical to mine. I too am in front of a computer all day long, and my vacation time was depleted when I took off for my mom's back surgery in December.

It's for that reason (recovery time) that I've leaned towards Lasik. My surgery is planned for Friday the 26th (a day after yours).

But after reading your posts - I am now wondering if I too should do the PRK if I can arrange the work schedule.

So - I would REALLY APPRECIATE it if you would please keep us informed on your surgery and experiences during the 1st week.
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Postby marion » Mon Jan 22, 2007 4:44 am

Sarah, I can comment a little on healing times.

I had a PRK enhancement a couple weeks ago. The surgery was on a Tuesday. There was an appointment the next day. They didn't really do anything, just made sure my eye wass OK. I was supposed to get the bandage contact out on Friday, but wasn't healed enough so it came out the following Tuesday (7 days). As much as possible that first week, try not to plan anything important and certainly don't count on driving. I drove myself to work on Saturday, but it wasn't a great idea. By the one week mark - when the contact came out - I felt normal. I really didn't see all the well with that contact in and I was blurry and sore the day after they removed it. I think this varies quite a bit from person to person, however.

You are smart to get an oral painkiller. The pain is greater with PRK than regular Lasik although the meds completely took care if it. But you shouldn't drive while on painkiller! I had pain the first days and for a few more nights when my eyes got dry from sleeping. But by the third day, I had an issue with the contact getting too tight. This is not unusual and if it starts to hurt more and get very very blurry, CALL THEM right away. Don't go around miserable for a day and night like I did. They will take it out and put a new one in and the relief is instant. Most places have a service that answers 24 hours and they will have a doc come in on a weekend to replace a painful lens (I asked because I wondered what would have happened if my surgery had been a day later)

PRK is certainly slower than Lasik. Can you plan on being out a week, but go back sooner if you feel good? I was pretty sleepy from the pain meds and for the first few days felt like all I wanted to do was lie down with my eyes closed. I should think the timing of the weekend would work out pretty well for you.
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