Had my pre-op, not really confident at this point!

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Had my pre-op, not really confident at this point!

Postby rgonyer » Sat Jan 13, 2007 5:19 pm

I have a fairly light prescription, so I think they are taking it lightly with me. I have -2.75 and -3.

He did take a look at my pupils in a dimly lit room, but not by use of any machine, and he just kinda "eyeballed" my dialated eyes. (Just looked at them and said "about 6.5 mm"). Now I'm sure he's seen plenty of these and it's probably not a big deal.

Artificially dialated, I was at 8 in one eye and 9 in the other. The ablation zone of the laser is apparently 8mm, is this going to be a problem? (ladarvision 4000).

They used the wavefront diagnostic machine and took several measurements in each eye, both dialated and non-dialated.

Glaucoma testing was done as well.

No tear test was done. He did look at my lids and said I looked a little dry, but it was less of an issue with Epi-lasek, and as long as they kept me loaded up on drops the first few weeks, I shouldn't be any drier than I am now.

Here's my position. The main reason I chose this place is because they do Epi-lasek. However, they DO NOT replace the epithelial layer after surger. When I asked about this yesterday, they said that it's still epi-lasek because of the way the epithelial layer is removed, using an epikeratome.

Most sites that I have researched say that if the epithelial layer is not replaced, then it is simply PRK.

Well, since I am just a little bit nervous about this place, the other two places local to me will do PRK. I was a bit more comfortable at both of these places, but both of them do 99% lasik operations. I do NOT want the flap.

Do you think I would be at any more risk getting PRK from a place that typically does Lasik?

Do you think PRK in general would be any more risky than Epi-lasek without replacing the flap?

Right now, I'm leaning towards going to one of the other two places and having PRK done since they don't do epi.

Don't get me wrong, this place did seem to know what they were doing in general. They were very careful to get my prescription. I'm not sure what you call it, but they did a vision test (where they flip the lenses back and forth), before and after dialation. I asked why they did this, and they said what they have discovered is that some people focus differently with glasses in front of them, (or that machine), and that they have seen some over correction cases because of it. In fact, he thinks there are a lot of people running around with stronger glasses than they need because the eye can be tricked into focusing partially on the lenses in front of your face instead of what you are focusing on.

While you are artificially dialated, they can check to see if this is the case.

What can happen is they correct your eyes to your vision score on the "lens tester" for lack of a better term, and since your eyes no longer have a lens in front of them, you wind up being over corrected. Made sense to me.

Is there anything that would scare you away from this place? I have my surgery scheduled for this Thursday, and would really really appreciate any opinions or advice. I'd be out the $140 fee, but I'm not really too worried about that ;)

Sorry for the length of this post.

Thank you very much
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Postby tootingbec » Sat Jan 13, 2007 9:58 pm

Whoa, man, I wouldn't go for any kind of surgery at a place where I didn't have a sense of confidence--and that goes double for elective surgery. Maybe even triple for laser vision correction, where the desired benefit is increased convenience.

You'll be out $140 if you reschedule or if you cancel? Regardless, that's about the cost of 8 large pizzas. That seems like a small investment when your only two eyeballs are at stake.
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Postby rgonyer » Sat Jan 13, 2007 10:06 pm

Yeah, I'm not worried about the $140, it's nothing.

My problem is that I am an engineer. I over analyze EVERYTHING. It's great that they can get me in on Thursday, I've done so much research that I'd just like to get it done and be done with it :)

I guess my question is, am I over analyzing this? The way I am, I could wind up ruling out every refractive surgeon in my area, haha.
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Postby LasikExpert » Sun Jan 14, 2007 1:00 am

An engineer. Oh dear. :)

You are seeking perfection in an imperfect arena. There is no such thing as a perfect doctor, perfect surgery, or even perfect patient. It is all a matter of risks v. benefit.
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Postby rgonyer » Sun Jan 14, 2007 1:17 am

Of course :) That's why I'm thinking that maybe I'm over thinking (as usual, lol).

So what do you think about my scenario above?
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My decision for what its worth...

Postby mike r » Sun Jan 14, 2007 3:24 am

I had 3 evaluations.
visx with blade 4000$/ an all laser eval 5800$/ and then found someone with the allegretto but only offered the blade all in same town 4000$...

I like the fact the allegretto sculpts with natural eye contour unlike the visx...and also some of the other characteristics of it better spot beam then visx I think anyway seemed more attractive in combo with the price...Docs had same experience so that was not in question...

In the end I used the 12 step principle of "keep it simple stupid"

Hec my eyes hurt after all the evals I went through...geez

I felt the all laser was more invasive when it came to this bubbling up of the flap and the longer steroid use/ recovery time...In other words it was less simple without less risk...

I dont regret my choice SO far in reaching my goal(no spectacles needed) 20/20 both eyes great clarity and felt that I ve been sculpted by the latest and best technology out there at the time...

Just night driving and adjusting to mono vision only issues at large now...

Recovery time was excellent and quick...

Good luck in choice like you say the sooner the better...I waited through the evals then was delayed by software upgrade to allegretto for astigmatism...Anticipating is tough!

<Mike R>
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Postby rgonyer » Mon Jan 15, 2007 6:39 pm

Any additional input? I'm quickly reaching the day of no return!

Thanks for ANY advice.
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final support-

Postby mike r » Tue Jan 16, 2007 1:03 am

Its alot better than going to the dentist if thats any consolation.

If Jessica Simpson had the nerve to do it I wasn t gonna wimp out.

Hec I was a Marine.

Good Luck on your outcome!

<Mike R>
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Postby Betty39 » Tue Jan 16, 2007 11:58 pm

I had your exact same prescription. Funny. I went with lasik. I have never seen so clear in my life. Dry eyes has been a issue but is slowly resolving. If you already have dry eye issues that is a concern. I am probably 20/15 both eyes now. They only test to 20/20 and I see that perfectly. Since day one my vison has been perfect.
Good luck in your decision
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