Moved topics! Had PRK 6-1

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Moved topics! Had PRK 6-1

Postby janahawk » Sat Jul 07, 2007 4:17 am

I ended up having traditional PRK on Friday 6/1(Glenn - my eyes tested funky on the way off my actual rx of about -6.25 which is why I ended up traditional). In any event, the procedure was completely painless and while hazy, I could see! Well they told me to save the pain drugs till the 3rd or 4th day when I would be wondering why I did this, LOL, I was wondering that by the 2nd night! Wow, I knew some pain would be involved but geez! In any event, it was short lived and I was pain-free the 3rd day. Tues. I had the bandage contacts removed. Recovery to perfect vision has been slow, but as they say, you've gotta be very patient w/PRK! At my 2nd f-up I was only seeing 20/60 and 20/70....they gave me some drops to use to help the scar tissue and two weeks later I was back to 20/30. I go back in 3wks.

I live in AZ but haven't had any dryness to speak of and no hazing that has bothered me.

Glenn - I see perfectly in the that a good sign? I know I may need a touchout due to my high Rx but I can live w/that (will just make sure I have plenty of pain pills - LOL). Also, I got a kick out of your comment about using the numbing drops too often. You get to a point where you don't care if your healing is delayed!!

Dang it's hot in Arizona!!!
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Postby LasikExpert » Sat Jul 07, 2007 5:48 am

Yes, I did use the numbing drops too often after my PRK and caused myself no end of problems. My fauld entirely. I certainly knew better.

The morning good vision and less good throughout the day indicate you may actually be having dry eye issues during the day. It may also mean that during the night the corneas are changing due to the saltwater (simplified term) of your tears. This is something to discuss with your doctor. You may want to read our article about dry eye treatment.
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8/27 update; prk on 6/1

Postby janahawk » Wed Aug 29, 2007 4:41 am

So I thought I was seeing GREAT until I went to the Dr for a checkup. I see 20/20 with both eyes but individually it's 20/30. I haven't really used artificial tears in the past month because I haven't felt like I needed to. The Dr still has me using Pred-Forte (1x day; last month 2x day and prior 4 x day). She mentioned at this far post-op it probably wouldn't get any better but she has seen cases where vision has improved after stoping Pred-Forte (what is your experience with this?) I go back in about 7 weeks.

She told me an enhancement would pretty much be up to me but while I would like to see 20/15, I feel I am pretty happy with my vision and certainly don't want to risk anything. I'm thinking I just need to be thankful I can see 20/20 with both eyes but the 20/30 # bothers your opinion, does the risk outweigh the seemingly (?) small gain??

(the surgeon did advise me upfront that with my rx I would probably need an enhancement).

Thanks much!
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