One eye different than other after Lasik 3 weeks ago

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One eye different than other after Lasik 3 weeks ago

Postby GeneralPatientInquiry » Wed Jun 28, 2006 8:13 pm


I had LASIK Surgery three weeks ago and it appears that my left eye was overcorrected from -6.00 (with astigmatism) to .50. My right eye was undercorrected from a -5.75 (with astigmatism) to a -0.50.
The right eye tends to fluctuate from 20 – 20 vision to 20 – 30/40 . It’s been a nightmare seeing with both eyes! The left eye basically remains overcorrected.

I don’t experience halos, glare, etc, but the difference in vision is giving me headaches and hard to see properly. The doctor will not perform an enhancement until three months after surgery. Can my vision improve? Should an enhancement be done on both eyes?

Thanks for your advise....jmc
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Postby LasikExpert » Wed Jun 28, 2006 8:16 pm

Your doctor is absolutely correct that you need to wait until your eyes have had a chance to heal before making a decision about enhancement surgery. It is possible that the small overcorrection will regress back to plano (no refractive error). It is also possible that the slight undercorrection will also regress and you would need a larger amount of enhancement than you would today.

The imbalance problems you report are undoubtedly related to aniseikonia. We have a detailed article about this at Aniseikonia After Lasik that may help explain the situation. If this continues to be bothersome, you should talk to your doctor about the possibility of wearing a disposable contact lens in one eye to create a balance between the two.

The fluctuation in vision quality throughout the day indicates you may have Lasik induced temporary dry eye issues contributing to the problem. Read Lasik Dry Eye Treatment for ideas on how to resolve this problem.
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