vitreous degeneration/pain

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vitreous degeneration/pain

Postby ksd05c » Sun Jul 22, 2007 12:00 am

I had LASIK a little over two months ago and everything was fine. No dry eye or other complications. Just 20/15 vision. Four days ago I was studying for a test and I ended up looking at a computer screen for about 12 hours. I noticed my right eye starting to hurt. No burning or stinging, but a little throbbing pain towards the back of my eye and through my temple. Just the right side. I went to sleep and it felt fine the next morning, but through the day I could feel the pain coming back. I had to remove some mascara and I did so gently, but then a short while later I noticed some floaters. I have had a floater in my eye for a while, way before the LASIK, but now the floater has become more pronounced (years ago when I first had the floater it just took time for it to fade back and for my brain to ignore it). None of this has affected my vision except the floater looking bigger and more pronounced. The pain subsides after I sleep, but through the day seems to get worse. It isn't on my eye, it feels like the back where all the vitreous degeneration occurs. Also, while my vision is fine, it does feel like there is a slight high pressure to my right eye, so when I am looking at things, they look clear, but I FEEL pressure and pain on the right side of my head.
I read the articles about eye strain and such, I know it's normal, but everything had been great until a few days ago. Does this sound like a condition I need to call my doctor about? I still have my Nevanac and Econopred drops...I was thinking i may put some Nevanac in, because my eye just feels like it is inflamed.
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Postby LasikExpert » Wed Jul 25, 2007 3:23 am

Yes, call your doctor at your earliest convenience. Do not allow staff to suggest that it is "normal", even though it may be nothing at all. The symptoms you descibe may be benign or may be the first signs of a more problematic situation. No need to panic, but see your surgeon.
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