Lasik on Jul. 19th

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Lasik on Jul. 19th

Postby KatieHal » Tue Jul 31, 2007 7:56 pm

I had regular lasik on July 19th, and it turned out to be an interesting surgery and recovery so far.

I had dry eyes beforehand, but got punctal plugs and was using moisturizing drops to treat them, and my doctor (whom I like) deemed me good to go for Lasik. I had a PRK option, but went for the Lasik.

Well, during surgery I was discovered to have Map-Dot Dystrophy. I had shown no signs or symptoms beforehand (we found out later my dad had it flare up on him once, which is who I got it from--it's hereditary), and what's more rather than it being localized, it was diffused across my entire epithelial layer. Now usually, they would have done PRK had they known this, but they didn't He also would usually have just done one eye before proceeding to the other, but because I had intralase, both flaps had already been made and I said well, just go ahead and do both.

So I ended up with one eye having the sruface cells put back together successfully, and the other having surface ablasion and the cells are now regrowing. So my recovery time is longer than it would have been otherwise.

Seeing is strange right now--there's focus, but blurriness around the edges of things. He said the regrowing cells eye would seem better at first, then blurrier as the cells came in and before they smoothed out on their own. I'm hoping that's why that eye is blurrier right now. I'm not quite sure what my vision is just yet, but it's at least 20/40.

It's been frustrating and scary and wonderful--I have to say I'm glad I found this site and have been reassured by the stories of others getting through this and knowing it's not just me who's got a unique case!
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Postby LasikExpert » Fri Oct 19, 2007 10:26 pm

I'm glad you found our website information helpful.

Map-dot dystrophy is a naturally occurring condition that presents symptoms of spots of the epithelium being weak or very thin. The epithelium is the soft pliable outer layer of cells on the cornea. Map-dot dystrophy can be very mild, come and go, or be very bad and painful. It sounds like you have a relatively mild case.

PRK is often selected as an alternative to Lasik because PRK removes the epithelium and a new layer grows. This often like rebooting your computer and can resolve problems.

It will be very interesting to follow your recovery. I suspect your doctor may want to submit your situation as a case study to a medical journal.
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