Getting Used to Residual Astigmatism

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Getting Used to Residual Astigmatism

Postby Bouncing » Wed Aug 01, 2007 3:17 pm

Hi everyone. I had Lasik in March and a retreatment in early June. I still have some residual astigmatism and cannot get full correction for it with glasses, so I'm trying to just get used to it. My vision would be better if I could correct for the astigmatism, but is passable as is.

My question, for anyone that still has uncorrected astigmatism, is do you eventually get used to things being a little wavery? Is there anything I can do to help that process along?

It still startles me to go outside and have words and faces at a certain distance or angle essentially waver or blur and then clear as I get closer to them or turn my head just right. I keep wanting to blink the picture back into clarity.

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Postby LasikExpert » Wed Aug 01, 2007 4:52 pm

It sounds like you do not have regular astigmatism, but have irregular astigmatism. Glasses should be able to resolve regular astigmatism. You may want to consider a contact lens, Orthokeratology, or even if enhancement surgery is appropriate.

There is a neurological adaptation that can make the poor vision quality you experience due to astigmatism less problematic. The brain will attempt to ignore bad data. A good example of neurological adaptation is the blind spot. We all have a large spot without vision from the optic nerve entering the eye, but we don't "see" it because the brain has learned to ignore the hole in our vision. To some degree, the brain can learn to ignore bad information from an irregular cornea. How much and when is just about impossible to predict.
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Postby Bouncing » Wed Aug 01, 2007 5:40 pm

Thanks Glen.

I mostly likely do have irregular astigmatism, though we have not officially tested for that. My vision was poor enough for a while that I had an appointment set up to test various types of hard contact lenses. (We tried two different glasses prescriptions, both of which correct part of my vision issues but created additional ones that were not present without the glasses).

My vision is still fluctuating, and has improved recently to the point that I've decided to forego the contacts analysis for the time being. I have not been able to tolerate contacts in the last few years (hence the decision to do Lasik) and would prefer not to be forced into them now if I can help it. If my vision gets to the point in the future that I think a corrective lense of some sort is necessary to function, I'll reschedule the appointment to test hard contacts. I've already been told that I am not a candidate for an additional flap lifting procedure; and am maybe (though the doctor was hestitant about it) a candidate for a surface procedure.

In the meanwhile, I'm hoping my brain is and continues to ignore bad data.

Original question still stands. Any encouragement that I will get used to my functional albeit funny vision; and any suggestions for how to do so, are appreciated.
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