Just had LASIK 6 days ago....Vision not clear

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Just had LASIK 6 days ago....Vision not clear

Postby OrlandoFlyBoy » Thu Jun 29, 2006 2:12 pm

I had high definition LASIK performed 6 days ago. My distance vision outside is acceptaable, however my vision inside of buildings is hazy and I am experiencing halos when looking at lights and halos at night while driving.

My correction was -5.75 and -6.00 prior to surgery. I know that it has been only six days but I am very concerned that the halos and haziness don't seem to be improving each day.

I called my surgeons office who said that this is "normal" and it can take six months for my vision to stabilize. I have been taking my 3 different kinds of eye drops (EconoPred, Nevanac, and Vigamox) as prescribed and I don't seem to have an issue with dry eyes. I am taking SYSTANE lubricating drops as a precaution.

Should I be worried or are these issues acceptable and part of the healing process. I would have thought these issues would have resolved themselves by now.

Thanks for your input.
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Postby LasikExpert » Thu Jun 29, 2006 4:13 pm

Any time your vision is not what it should be you will be concerned, but the advice of your doctor's staff is accurate. Minor night vision (or low light) problems are not exactly common during the initial healing stages, but are relatively well understood and can be expected. Poor vision quality under floresent lights is another known issue during the healing stages. The frequency of the light wave from florescent lights is different than natural or incandescent light and on occasion will cause poor contrast sensitivity or a light haze.

All of these issues are likely to pass with healing, however you need to keep your surgeon informed of your problems and if you have a sudden change in vision quality you need to contact your doctor’s office immediately.
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