Scared enhancement may make worse? Any advice?

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Scared enhancement may make worse? Any advice?

Postby firemom » Fri Aug 10, 2007 3:52 pm

Prior to surgery on July 12, Left eye was 20/50 w/ some astigmastism, the right eye was 20/400 with off the charts astigmastism. Said I had a thick cornea which would help.

Day after surgery 20/25 both eyes

Two weeks out left eyestill 20/25 and righ 20/40

Four weeks out left eye 20/30, and right 20/40

They have set up enhancement for Sep 13, this will be 8 weeks out.

The drop of vision is just enough to be agervating. Having a tough time deciding wheather I should just be thankful that I am no longer blind, and be happy with what I have or let them try and correct it.

Just aftaid I may get worse.

Any comments, simular situations, would be much appreciated.

Thanks from scared & unsure firemom
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Postby TopCat » Fri Aug 10, 2007 4:56 pm

My experience if it is of any help to you...

10 years ago I had a laser excimer surgery procedure, outcome was good 20/25 on both eyes, but night vision was terrible, I could not see a darn thing unless it was illuminated like a football stadium, my farsighted problem got back and a week ago I decided to get Lasik surgery to correct the problem, encouraged by the technological advance since my last surgery, outcome was somewhat good, my left eye is perfect, and my right eye is still catching up due to problems durin surgery, you can read my post for more on this, but the thing that amazed me the most is my night vision coming back, at least on my left eye, so you can decide to correct your problem now, but you can be sure that theres going to be something better in a few years.
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