One week post op... and worried.

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One week post op... and worried.

Postby golfingirl » Thu Aug 16, 2007 2:02 pm

First of all, thanks for such a great forum. It is very informative and helpful.

I'm 37 and have worn corrective lenses for 30 years, 22 years wearing contacts almost exclusively. My Rx is -6.50 including astygmatism of -.25 in both eyes. I decided to get lasik for lifestyle reasons. I did a lot of research and know at least 25 people who have had it done, successfully with no regrets. I picked my surgeon based on his experience, the type of laser he uses and a recommendation from both my eye doc (who I love) and a friend (who is also a successful pt). No regrets seeing this doc.

But, I am one week post op and am having some concerns. On my first day post op my Rx was deemed to be -1.25. They said my flap is healing fine and moving from -6.5 to -1.25 is great for just one day. Is that a realistic expectation based on my heavier Rx? I go to tomorrow to see my eye doc for my follow up app't with the belief that my eye sight has not improved since day 1 post op.

I believe I have developed dry eye and am addicted to my drops. My eyes are burning, scratchy and very temporarily relieved by drops. I easily use refreshing drops every 15 min. Can I overuse drops? How long will dry eye last?

Also, it seems my vision is quite good first thing in the morning and after a nap but quickly regresses within 30 min back to a state in which a corrective lense would be necessary to function ie. drive/work. Is this normal for the healng process? Am I impatient?

I tried to work yesterday (ICU RN) for 4 hours and my eyes were so incredible dry in the environment that I felt my vision deteriorated as my shift went on. I went from fuzzy vision to feeling unsafe. Frustrating. Needless to say. I'm off work until I see my doc.

Is it too early to think I may need an enhancement? How long a a Rx like mine, on average, take to settle down/heal? Am I meeting the expected post op milestones? Is using corrective lenses normal until my eyes fully heal so I can function?

Okay, enough questions. Thanks to everyone who can offer some advice or share their own experiences.

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Postby golfingirl » Fri Aug 17, 2007 4:47 pm

Okay. I see my eye doc today. My vision remains unchanged from my previous post and I have a strong suspicion that it is dry eye syndrome causing the majority of my problems.

I'll keep you posted. I would still really like some replies if anyone can address my previous questions.

Thank you.
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Postby rosecmd » Fri Aug 17, 2007 7:21 pm

I understand your concerns, and as an ICU nurse, you certainly need good vision to function. I only have my own experience and from what I've read, but it does seem like you have dry eye. You can't over use your eye drops -- I use mine about 30-50 times a day, no kidding. I've found the best ones are the Refresh Plus in the little individual things, which last for three drops in each eye. At night, I've been using Refresh ointment, which really helps also. Then, when the ointment wears off in the middle of the night, there is another Refresh product I've been using to get me a few more hours of sleep. I still wake up with lots of bluriness that takes a few hours and lots of drops to resolve. Then, I've been on Restasis for one week (it takes 4 weeks to work) and I'm taking those flax oil Refresh capsules, which are thought to be just as effective as Restasis in helping the correct dry eyes. You are only a week out and things will likely get better in a few weeks. They dry eye issue post lasik is a huge issue....
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Postby firemom » Fri Aug 17, 2007 9:17 pm

I am now 5 weeks and 1 day out. I can tell my eyes are not nearly as dry as they were the first few weeks. However, I can say, dosen't matter what I'm doing if its something that I tend not to blink as much at they still get a little dry. The florecent lighting w/ overhead venting for ac seems to bother me still but not as bad as at first. I'm just scared to have an enhancement. Scared that although I am not 100% happy w/ 20/35 and 20/40, its a lot better than 20/50 and 20/400, at least I can do things w/o glasses or contacts. Hope things get better for you. If anyone has any advise on enhancement firemom would appreciate it.
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Postby golfingirl » Sat Aug 18, 2007 1:08 am

Thanks everyone for your encouraging words and sharing your experiences.

Sure enough, I have Dry Eye Syndrome. My optometrist put in punctal plugs (temporaries) and restarted me on a steroid drops for another 5 days as well as restasis.

I asked him for new correctives lenses for my glasses to crisp thing up for work and driving. He said they would only help a little because the blurriness I am experiencing is due to edema in my eyes, not necessarily undercorrection. While frustrating that my new glasses only help a little with the blurriness, I suppose it is encouraging that this condition will simply takes time to settle down.

It's hard to be patient when you were expecting immediate results. While complications of any surgery is a dpressing event. Knowing that this is treatable and not necessarily permanent is the best news I could hear. I think it's more difficult to accept comlication in an elective surgery. Shame & guilt for 'doing this to yourself' is always present.

Thanks all.
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shame and guilt

Postby Judy » Sat Aug 18, 2007 3:58 pm

Hi golfing girl. I fully understand your feelings of shame and guilt at having done this to yourself. Many of us feel that way because it is portrayed by the media as being instant wonderful vision. Throw away the glasses and be free....Most of us are now using at least 6 pair of various readers, sunglasses etc to make it through the day. I am terrified of being caught without my readers for closeup since I can no longer read without glasses. A very scary feeling. Before surgery I could read perfectly. I am 3 weeks out and things have improved slightly. I am hoping as I close in on the 2-3 month mark that things will get to the point that I am functioning without thinking about my vision again. This is one of the most frustrating aspects of recovery is that we have to think about our eyes all the time.

I hope some people that had enhancement will tell us their experiences as many of us are possibly facing it. I was overcorrected and the Dr. tells me there is a good chance I will need it. I am hoping not......and if I can get a tolerable result as my eyes continue to heal, even if I do not reach that magic 20/20 (I am now 20/40) I feel I might not get the enhancement. They are going to have to make me think it is REALLY going to make things better to get me under that laser and lift that flap again. Especially if one has to go through the terror of these past weeks.

Keep posting, as sharing with one another helps. There are many good tips on this board and many fellow travelers that are a few weeks farther along that will keep your courage up. Thank you all! Judy
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Postby bathory313 » Sat Aug 18, 2007 6:27 pm

Hi there! Like you, I had a very high prescription before, and also like you, I had severe dry eye for awhile. I am now nearly 2 months post-op and things have improved dramatically! I am a nursing assistant in a nursing home, and the air conditioning was playing havoc with my eyes.....I was using drops literally every 10-15 minutes of the day. There were days when my vision was so blurry that no amount of drops helped at all, BUT, that has largely taken care of itself! I now use drops about 2-3 times a day, and I am now only having occasional blurriness.

I kept switching eye drops just about every week, finding relief in different solutions. I also found a drop called "Blur Relief" which helped my presbyopia MIGHTILY. I rarely wear reading glasses now. My doc put me on a drop called "Optive", which is glycerin-based, but not as heavy as the Refresh PM (though there were days I was using a smidge of that stuff in the daytime, too) She also gave me the go-ahead to take flax seed oil caps daily to resolve the dry eye. In the first few weeks, even walking quickly caused my eyes to dry out.

You can find info on Blur Relief here; you may want to research it and ask your doc if it's safe for you to use:

I am extremely happy with the results so far. It was a tough road for a little while, but it's just as Glenn says...........give it time, give it time!
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Postby firemom » Sun Aug 19, 2007 3:17 pm

Not sure w/ your position at work what they will allow, however I have found that if I go into an enviroment (hosp,store) with lighting and air circulation that bothers me I weat a small visor. Got the Idea when we were in a store and It so irritated I got my sons cap and put it on. It did help on the lighting and the air. So I got myself several different colors of the little visors that simply have the brim like a cap but dosen't cover the head. This could be a possibility, even it only when you were out of a pt room and just doing charting.
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Postby golfingirl » Mon Aug 20, 2007 2:22 am

I think that's a great idea yet not too practicle in the reality of the environment in work in. I appreciate the suggestion though. I'll just plan on taking a lot of bathroom breaks and putting some warm compresses on my eyes. I'll let you know my first 12 hour shift in the worst environment known to dry eyes pans out. I have a funny feeling it will be very uncomfortable. I was in IKEA today for an hour and I was almost screaming to get out... although that's IKEA most days for me.

On the plus side, my vision feels like it is improving marginally. I'm actually not even concerned about how well I see because it's 'good enough' for now, but this dry eye thing is sooooooo aggravating I want to scratch my flaps off. But, I don't... I'm just addicted to drops. I wish I had stock in Refresh Plus, Refresh Endura & Refresh Celluvisc.

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