Refresh Tears/Gunk from tears in lashes?

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Refresh Tears/Gunk from tears in lashes?

Postby firemom » Sun Aug 19, 2007 3:02 pm

I will be 6 weeks out next Thursday, They Dry eye seems not to be so bad during the day when I'm at work (inside, no floursent lights).

Weekends when I'm out shopping or outside, seems the lighting and the sunlight gives my eyes a burning sensation. I guess this is dry eye or they just don't like the lights.

Therefore I use more tears than normal (refresh plus in little vile).
Problem 1 the more I use my lashes seem to get all matted together.
Problem 2 guys your lucky you dont have this problem, ladies hopefully you can help, how do you deal with this and makeup. I try to go very light with the makeup, but since my eyes still look so weak, I feel that in order to prevent looking like I just jumped out of bed and left I try a little shadow and liner. Big problem w/ tears & gunk? Any suggestions?
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Postby bathory313 » Sun Aug 19, 2007 6:48 pm

Ask your doc if it's ok.......but I was using a baby-shampoo solution to clean the gunk from my lashes; my doc told me to use gentle downward ONLY swipes at 1 month post-op. I made sure to rinse well with sterile saline. It took about a week of doing this before I felt they were really clean.

As far as eye makeup, I was told it was ok to wear after two you I found it to be a mess. I waited another two weeks beyond that before wearing any major makep. I found the gel eyeliner by Almay to be a lifesaver; it wears 16 hours! I used a non-waterproof mascara and very careful aiming with eye drops! The baby shampoo solution removed the eye makeup just fine, without rubbing and scrubbing. Maybe consider using a dark-colored mineral eye shadow for eyeliner. No preservatives or chemical crap, plus it stays on pretty darn well.

Do you realize your sunglasses can help to alleviate dry eye? LOL, in the context of keeping airflow off of your eyes............I bought a couple of pair with the largest lenses/widest sides I could find because I found that even standing in air conditioning or walking quickly dried out my eyes. A/C in the car was a misery for me (it's fine now; 22nd will be 2 months) I'd say my dry eye issues just started to resolve about a week and a half ago.

I find that my problem now is the often extreme bags I'm carrying around under my eyes. I figure that messing with the area SO MUCH is causing this.......or perhaps I had them before and didn't notice them because of the soda bottles that were my glasses....hmmmmmmmm.
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