Is it too early to tell?

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Is it too early to tell?

Postby golfingirl » Tue Aug 21, 2007 9:37 pm

I am 12 days post op Lasik and have had a fairly slow recovery because of Dry Eye Syndrome.

When I had my 1 week post op visit with my eye doc, he put in punctal plugs, started me on restasis, restarted steroid eye drops and gave me new glasses (-0.5 both eyes) to help sharpen up my blurry vision.

My dry eye continues and the glasses have aided my vision marginally. My eye doc said my residual blurriness, that which is not correctable by glasses, is due to edema or swelling of the eye secondary to dry eye. I'm using my eye drops at least every 30 min and up to every 5 min and don't think the plugs are doing much.

My question is: If my eyes are still swollen, which is causing blurriness... wouldn't the swelling typically cause farsightedness NOT nearsightedness like I am experiencing?

Is it too early to assume I am undercorrected?

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Postby golfingirl » Thu Aug 23, 2007 2:37 am

How does dry eye cause blurriness?

Does it change the corneal shape?

On average, how long does this take to heal?

Thanks anyone for their input/experience.

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Postby LasikExpert » Thu Aug 23, 2007 3:30 am

To reduce myopia (nearsighted, shortsighted) vision with Lasik, the laser removes tissue to thin and reshape the center of the cornea. Edema can thicken the cornea in the center and induce myopia. Irregular edema can induce astigmatism or simply make the surface of the cornea "bumpy", which can reduce vision quality and induce monocular diplopia (ghosting, doubled vision). Dry eyes can induce or exacerbate edema.

The outermost layer of the cornea is actually the tear film. A healthy tear film creates a very smooth surface. If the tear film is distressed, the surface of the cornea becomes irregular and/or rough with the underlying epithelial cells exposed to the atmosphere. The epithelium can be damaged by friction from blinking with dry eyes causing irregularity, irritation, and edema. Any irregularity in the cornea can reduce vision quality.

We have detailed articles on Lasik and dry eyeand dry eye treatment that you may want to read.
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