My experience - 4 weeks out

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My experience - 4 weeks out

Postby floatanddry » Thu Aug 23, 2007 8:12 pm


I thought I'd post my experience 4 weeks out and look for one specific recommendation. I had Wavefront Lasik on 7/27 correcting -5.75, and -4.75. The procedure was smooth - a flap adjustment was done the following day because of some micro straie. The vision in my left eye is very crisp, with the right eye currently being a little blurrier - the right seems to be changing pretty frequently during the day.

About 8 days after the procedure I noticed floaters - I've had some floaters previously but these were more pronounced. Got a full retinal exam, and everything checked out okay. If anyone has any advice (dietary, spirtual) on dealing with the floaters I would appreciate it. They are driving me nuts when using the computer. They are fine outside with sunglasses, but without, blah.

My doc also said I had some dry eye. I mentioned halos/starbusts at night to him during my 1 week follow-up, and he believes that is the contributing factor. I had plugs in that dissolved after a couple of weeks and seemed to help. The halos and starbusts seem less pronunced, but the dry eye is still there and am using tears pretty religiously.

I hope to continue to make good progress, and will update again. Any advice on dealing with the floaters would be really appreciated...
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Postby PaulPats » Fri Aug 24, 2007 3:32 am

I had the same problem as you when it came to floaters. As time has progressed (7 months since the surgery for me), the problem has minimalized to where I don't even recognize them anymore. Time was the answer for me. Hope you have the same result!

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