Could Use Some Encouragement - Lasik done 8/17/07

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Could Use Some Encouragement - Lasik done 8/17/07

Postby angivan » Thu Aug 23, 2007 11:10 pm

Hello and thank you for this site. I'm not generally into "nightmare tale" websites, so this has been a good sanity break for those of us who are dealing with complications. Had Lasik 5 days ago and have had heavy haze in both eyes from the start. Corneal edema - swelling, my doc says. Saw him 3 days ago because he was concerned, and again today. He says the good news is the swelling has come down a little. Unfortunately, he says the way my cornea is healing, my vision will be undercorrected and they will have to go in and do it again. Right eye: went from 7 to 2, but should be 1. Left eye: went from 8 to 3, but should be 2 (I elected to try monovision). Apparently it doesn't do any good to get new glasses, because I will heal more, and it may get even more undercorrected. How often does this happen? Did they do things right? I live in a small city 2 hours from the clinic, and the whole staff was looking at me sadly and nervously...I could tell this was a new experience to them. (the surgery itself was done at a big clinic in Phoenix) Also, does anyone have any recommendations for glasses to wear while driving to keep the haloes minimized? I'd appreciate any wisdom or advice anyone can provide.
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Re: Could Use Some Encouragement - Lasik done 8/17/07

Postby LasikExpert » Fri Oct 19, 2007 7:04 pm

angivan wrote:How often does this happen?

Everyone heals a little differently. Doctors use information from prior patients, other doctors' studies, and the laser manufacturers to create a treatment plan that is as close as possible, but sometimes the cornea responds in a manner that is unexpected and undesired.

Corneal edema is common during the early healing period. Steroid eye drops are often used to control the wound response and reduce inflammation, but sometimes the steroids don't do the job or the patient responds differently to the steroids.

It takes very little to make a big change in your refractive error. The surgeon removed about 12 microns of corneal tissue to provide 1.00 diopter of refractive change. A human hair is about 60 microns thick. You appear to be about 2.00 diopters off at this point. Edema alone could easily cause all of that undercorrection.

Some opticians will provide a "guarantee" that will include changes in lens power for several months after you purchase glasses. You may want to call around.

If your eyes are otherwise healthy and you do not have dry eye issues, you may want to verify if you could use disposable soft contact lenses.

Speaking of which; Lasik related temporary dry eye can exacerbate and cause edema. Be sure you have this potential problem managed too.

It is very early in the healing stage of your Lasik surgery. It is reasonable to expect that some, if not all, of this undercorrection will resolve as the inflammation resolves. It is also reasonable to expect vision to fluctuate and change during this healing process. Patience will be an important asset.
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