one month update

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one month update

Postby Judy » Fri Aug 24, 2007 4:30 pm

Hi all, I went for my one month and things are improving. At one week I was a basket case......could not see near, middle or far. Far was my best vision and that was 20/40. My midrange and near were nightmare blurry.

At one far vision is around 20/28. The Doc said I am still a bit we all know it takes a couple months to settle. My midvision is still a little blurry.....At first I could not read the writing on QVC for items. Now I can read the data for that, but still the small type on commercials is not readable. The people on TV seem a bit soft focus but I can at least see them with some degree of clarity. This is big improvement to me.

I was wearing 1.50 readers to watch TV and do mid range tasks....Now I can fumble along pretty good without them.

Close up still presbyopic. No surprise and was expecting that. Even that is a tad better.

Some questions I asked the Doc that might be useful to others.

1. In the morning for first few weeks I am more blurry than I am in the afternoon. (This surprised me as most people state the opposite on this site)

answer: She told me I have edema in the morning after sleeping and it tends to decrease as the day goes on so that is why my vision improves during the day. This will eventually heal and stop happening.

2. I have trouble in dim rooms versus well lit.

answer: This too will improve with time. I still have some astigmatism and I am still not settled where she wants to see me land. She says I have improved 50% since last checkup at one week.

She brought up enhancement might need to happen. She says my good improvement over the last 3 weeks will not be as fast in the next 3 weeks so I guess that means I will not hit that 100% mark she is hoping. But then, enhancement does not come till 3 months so you never know. She is hoping things will settle just right, but I should be prepared for a bit of enhancement.

I told her I was not exactly excited about that process as I do not want to go through the horror I did this past month. I told her I was not excited about that flap being lifted again...

Answer: She says she would do one eye at a time and that she does not lift the flap. So I guess she just goes in there and does a little tweak.

Right now I am thinking positive and believing my eyes will heal to the point of not needing enhancement.

I submit this checkup result for all of you new to the journey and in those first few weeks where you are afraid your vision has been destroyed. I thank Glenn and the rest of my angels that have responded and I know they are all glad things are on the road to normal....thank you all!
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a question for Judy/Doc and Glen

Postby Mr.UnPerfect » Fri Aug 24, 2007 5:20 pm

Ask her how she does an enhancement without lifting the flap. I also am concerned about my possible need for an enhancement. I read it my increase the chances for permanent dry eye and also epithial ingrowth.

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my thoughts

Postby Judy » Fri Aug 24, 2007 5:29 pm

Hi Mr. Unperfect:

My thoughts are this.....I still have a long way to go before I seriously consider enhancement. If I land fairly close to goal....I may decide not to go for enhancement as I am not totally sure of what will happen or if there is a possibility of more harm.

I need to find out a lot more about the enhancement process before I agree to do it.

Glenn will tell us some of the details I am sure. I am not sure about how she does enhancement without lifting the flap. Maybe he can explain.

I got the feeling she just sorta does a tweak tweak.

Like sanding the surface.

I did not go into total details because it is still 2 months away, and still not a total decsion. As I said...if I get near the mark even if I dont hit 100%, I may opt out and live with the final results.

I will need real assurance that enhancement will make things enough better to be worth risk. I also need to know I will not have to go through the past month again.

I see from others on the site that enhancement seems to be a help and does not require the healing time. I will keep reading and hoping others who have had it will post their experience.

Good luck and I hope this helps
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Re: one month update

Postby LasikExpert » Fri Aug 24, 2007 6:28 pm

Judy wrote:I thank Glenn and the rest of my angels that have responded...

I am delighted that we have been of assistance!
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