dislocated flap and now haze in the cornea

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dislocated flap and now haze in the cornea

Postby GeneralPatientInquiry » Sat Jul 01, 2006 6:14 pm

Before surgery my eyeglass perscription was -1.50 in both eyes. When I did the tests with the surgeons office they said that my dialated eye perscription was -.75 in both eyes. I had the lasik surgury last friday 6/23/06. Sometime while i was sleeping I moved both of my flaps. One flap was wrinkled and the other had moved and layed back down, where is was over lapping on the top part of the cut. When I had woken up saturday morning my eyes were irritated and they felt as if I had an eyelash in them. My vision was also more blurry. There was never any real pain. When i went in to see the surgeon saturday he moved the flaps back in to position a placed a contact lense over both flaps to help stop this from repeating. I then was scheduled for a monday appointment. I went in monday with similar feeling in both eyes and I still felt like my vision was too blurry. He removed the contacts and said that the flaps hadn't moved and that they had sealed up around the edges. He did notice that when he shined the light in my eye where the flap had moved that there was some cloudiness. He said it was very slight to the nurse and that he could barely see it. He said that my eyes were having some sort of an allergy and that I needed to increase my pred forte drops to every hour. He said that this kind of thing used to be a problem when it happed to lasik patients, but now it is easier to treat. He also told me that my vision would start to improve or decrease. To call him immediately if it decreased. He had his office call yesterday to check in on me. My concern is that my vision had neither improved or decreased. My surgeon is now out for a week having surgery of his own, and I am not sure if I should be worried that my vision doesn't seem to be getting better. My vision is still blurry. I never had very bad eyesight, I was only mildly nearsighted. When I look around now I feel the same as when I used to take my glasses off before. Except now eveything looks like I am looking through a mildly foggy window. When they called to check on me I told them that my vission still seemed blurry. They told me this was normal. With my past problems should I be concerned that my vision doesn't seem to be improved. The dr will not be seeing me until 7/10/06. They told me if I have any problems I can see a on call surgeon. SHould I be concerned or am I over reacting and I can just wait for my appointment that is over a week away. Thanks for your help!
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Postby LasikExpert » Sat Jul 01, 2006 6:15 pm

It sounds like your surgeon is concerned that you may have Diffuse Lamellar Keratitis (DLK) caused by trauma to the flaps. As the doctor stated, DLK was a very difficult problem when it first became known, but doctors now know to teat it with corticosteroids drops. That is the Pred Forte. Your symptoms do not sound like typical DLK, but your surgeon is being careful. It may be that you do not actually have DLK and the partial haze that your surgeon observed is caused by the trauma of dislocating your Lasik flaps. We have a detailed article about DLK at

If you have a sudden worsening of vision quality, telephone your doctor's office immediately and see the on-call surgeon. DLK can be a benign complication that resolves fully without any loss of vision quality, but if not treated correctly it can permanently damage the eyes. Take your meds as prescribed.
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