over/under correction question

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over/under correction question

Postby rjr3790 » Sun Aug 26, 2007 11:43 pm

I know my doctor told me about the possibility of over/under corrections with LASIK, LASEK, etc (althoough quite rare i assume?) and i just wanted to ask you guys again if you could explain what happens when that specific complication occurs. Did the machine/laser not perform the way it was supposed to or did the doctors do all the numbers wrong in the pre-checkps and whatnot? I am just curious, that's all.
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Re: over/under correction question

Postby JPD » Mon Aug 27, 2007 12:28 am

It's actually not rare. Over/under correction is the main reason for enhancement surgery, which I think is about 10% on average.

There are a number of reason you could be over or under corrected. Your cornea could have been too wet, or too dry at the time of your surgery. You're doctor many not have compensated correctly for the conditions in the room(temp, humidity, pressure...ect.) It could also be the way your eyes heal. Some peoples eyes heal very fast which could cause the end result to be over or under correction. Also, based on your level of correction, if it's high a doctor may over correct on purpose in order to combat the likelyhood of regression. And the result could be that he over corrected to much.
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