Wishing I had my glasses and old eyes back

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Wishing I had my glasses and old eyes back

Postby firemom » Mon Aug 27, 2007 10:42 pm

This is probably a question for the Lasik Expert, but any help will be appreciated.

I will be 6 weeks out on Thursday. My eyes are still very dry feeling, this may be because I strain or stair trying to see as my vision has decreased in both eyes. I feel like I'm looking through a dirty or dry contact lense, a haze or fog. To top that I have a sick headache almost 24/7, unless I'm asleep. I don't watch TV, b/c just enough diff in vision in the two eyes it makes me sick. I guess I just wasen't prepared for all this, and for it to last this long. Is it normal?

I feel like it would feel so much better if I could just take contacts out, but can't they are not there.

I go back to Dr on Sep 13 which will be 8 weeks out, and I think they want to go ahead and do an enhancement. I'm scared to do this. Is it going to be this same feeling all over again.

Is there a greater risk of infection the second time around? Is there anything I can do to ease the discomfort?

I really need some encouragement/answers.

Thanks, from a really sad firemom
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sending you hope

Postby Judy » Tue Aug 28, 2007 1:04 pm

Dear Firemom: I think you might try some different drops. I am discovering my refresh drops sting my eyes when I use them. Bathory recommended blur relief which is a homeopathic eyedrop. I have it on order and hoping it arrives today as I do notice refresh is stinging and contributing to my eye strain. She also mentioned Optive a glycerin based eyedrop instead of refresh pm.

I also do the hot wash cloth against my eyes each day, morning and night....just to get some steam in my eyes as its almost like the back of the eyelids feel like they are stinging.

I also tell everyone, I must stop in the afternoon and close my eyes for a bit. I know you work....so excuse yourself and go to the ladies room and close your eyes when you feel them going toward strain......we just need to take the time to take care of our healing.

You will get a good picture of where you are when you go for your two month visit. I am waiting to see my outcome on my two month visit on Sept 18.

I already heard the big "E" word from my doc too. Frankly, I am terrified of what that really means. I have decided not to even consider it until I am at least 3 months out....and not have it done until I am closer to 6 months......If I am close to the 100% the doc is looking for. I am not going to do it. She says I am 50% there now, but will not heal as fast this month as last month. So I suppose she is saying I will be lucky to get another 25% of the way.

Enhancement is a scary thought. I read some of the stories and many are great....but frankly I am terrified to go through the hell of the first month over again. I am only just now getting some clearing of my mid-range and to think about starting that over again is not something I am willing to do right now.

We need more guidance and education about what enhancement is. I posted a query asking if we could have a special section started just for enhancement and it received no posts, but I think it is needed. Many of us are shooting in the dark over the enhancement question. The docs make it sound like its just a tweak tweak, but I suspect its more than that.

Good luck, we are here for you and together we are going to heal, and once again live our lives functioning without thinking about our eyes all day long.
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