PRK - 20/Happy

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PRK - 20/Happy

Postby MWJ » Wed Sep 05, 2007 7:01 pm

Hi everyone,

I'm new to this forum. After reading so many frightening stories on various websites, I promised myself I would post my results whether they were good or bad.

Initially, I planned to get Lasik and did quite a bit of research on it only to be told at my consultation that my corneas were too thin. Thus, I had to opt for PRK. I had already been out of contacts for three weeks and waited for my doctor to return from doing mission work in Zimbabwe. I didn't want to put the operation off again. I found this site in a frantic search for PRK information.

I was -8.5 in one eye and -8.0 in the other. Although I found a lot of horror stories about eye surgery, I figured that the majority of patients were probably happy and therefore weren't visiting the forums. Besides, I knew of several people who were very happy with their Lasik results.

I was very comfortable with my doctor as he had just performed my mother's cataract surgery and she is thrilled with her results. I liked his manner and his follow up.

So, on August 23 I had PRK. I won't go through the details of the operation since it seems to have been posted several times already. The only thing remarkable about my surgery is that it seemed to take longer than I expected. My doctor kept apologizing about it taking so long to get the epithelium completely off but he didn't want to miss any little bits. Although I was anxious to have it over with, I'm glad he took his time.

I was given Vigamox, Econopred Plus and Nevanac and told by the assistant to take each four times a day. Fortunately my doctor saw me the next morning and told me the Nevanac was only to be used as needed. I was also given a pair of swim type goggles to wear during naps and at bed time.

After my operation I could see rather well. It wasn't perfect by any means but I could just make out the license plate in front of our car. I certainly couldn't have done that before the surgery. I went home and slept a lot!

The pain over the next few days was mostly annoying. There were times however when it was rather painful. I controlled the pain with Tylenol 3 and tried to avoid using the Nevanac since I had read that it can slow the healing process. I continued to sleep a lot. ( I didn't need sleeping pills. The Tylenol kept me pretty much out of it for a couple of days).

My vision during that period was very hazy and I could only see approximately 5-7 feet in front of me with any level of detail. I was nervous because I could see things up close quite well. Since I'm forty-three and had been warned that I would definitely need reading glasses, I was afraid I had been horribly undercorrected and would have to go through this all over again. ( I realize that may still happen but I prefer to remain in denial about that for now).

I saw my doctor on Tuesday (five days post-op). I was asked to read the eye chart and I could barely read anything more than the first two or three lines. (This was strange because I could see fairly well but it was not manifesting on the eye chart). My doctor then examined my eyes and said my left eye was still looking a bit rough but he removed my bandage lenses and I went home. Although I had read that your vision gets worse after the removal of the lenses, I didn't notice much of a change. I did have that slightly scratchy feeling others have written about.

Day 7 was magic! The clear vision I usually had in the mornings decided to stick around. All of a sudden I could read things from across the room and I felt a moistness in my eyes I had not felt in a week.

Okay, to keep a long story from getting any longer, I am now 13 days post-op. I saw my doctor yesterday and I tested at 20/15 with both eyes. (Separately, I did not do nearly as well.)
I see road signs almost as soon as they appear and I can read street signs fairly well. I can still read clearly without reading glasses. The haze is gone except for a mild haze in very dim lighting situations. I can drive at night and have absolutely no problems with ghosting or double vision. I don't know exactly what my vision is but it feels like it's about 90% to 95% of my best corrected vision.

My distance vision has improved significantly although it's still hard to focus on fine detail at a distance. My doctor says this is due to dry eye which I believe because it gets better with eye drops.

I have noticed more frequent headaches which I attribute to probable eye strain but those have lessened significantly. Also, I noticed that the amount of sleep I get and the amount of water I drink affect my vision profoundly.

I use eye drops four or five times a day on some days and on others only once or twice. I still sleep in my goggles since my six year old often crawls into our bed and tends to land a blow to my face at least once each night. Besides, the goggles keep my eyes from drying out from the fan over our bed.

I know there is a significant risk of regression due to my high myopia but right now I am very happy I had this surgery.
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Good progress

Postby integra15 » Sat Sep 08, 2007 12:55 pm

I am glad to see things cleared up. How lng did it take for the fogginess to clear up?

I am on day 3 and I have some foggy vision. My doc did use Mitomicen-c so I am not too worried at this point
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Postby MWJ » Tue Sep 11, 2007 1:15 pm

The fogginess began to clear on day 7. It's been getting better each day ever since.

It's been almost three weeks now and my vision keeps getting better. My distance vision is still a bit blurry in low light but it's great outside in the sun and right after my drops.

I'm still very glad I had the surgery.

I hope you have great results.
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Postby LasikExpert » Tue Sep 11, 2007 4:55 pm

Congrats on the good results and continued improvement!
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