The probability of regression?

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The probability of regression?

Postby Over-corrected » Fri Sep 07, 2007 3:37 am

I had an all laser lasik on 3rd August 2007.
Before the surgery, my right eye was -5, with astigmatism 2
and my left eye was -7, with astigmatism 1.25

Yesterday, i went for my 1 month post op check-up.
I was told my right eye is now +0.25, with astigmatism 0.75
and my left eye is +1.5, with astigmatism 0.5.

I read before that regression usually occurs within the first one to three months after surgery for myopics. And deliberate overcorrection is sometimes used to resolve expected regression, which occurs mostly in myopic patients who have more than 6.0 refractive error.

I am not hoping for a plano, just wishing that my left eye would regress to somewhere around +0.25 to +0.5.
So, my question is: what is the probability of that happening?

If my left eye stays at +1.5, do you guys think it's best to leave it that way or should i undergo another surgery to adjust it?

I also find that my eyes are sensitive to light, esp when i am driving at night. Just wondering when will this normally phased out?

Thank guys. Your reply will be appreciated.
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Postby 200mph » Fri Sep 07, 2007 3:49 am

Wondering the same thing. Dr. told me that I regressed a little too from a few weeks ago (I'm still in the first month of surgery).
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