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Postby Saleh Ridha » Fri Sep 07, 2007 8:47 am

Hi! thanks for your great website. I am still nervous about my Lasik I had a month ago in Damascus, Syria. I am driving my family crazy by mentioning my eyes to them all the time. Please put my fears (and theirs)to rest. I need some extra info. (My wife blows up if I go to any eye sites on the internet so I am writingthis in secret-hee! hee!)

I had -4.75 right eye and -5.25 left eye before Lasik (nearsighted) and now I have 20/15 both eyes, God be praised but I am still nervous. I am scared I might have Ectasia probably bacuse of the chilling internet pictures of those bulging eyes and those horror stories.
My fear is the doctor lasered too deep in my eye and didn't leave enough corneal tissue.

The thing is, I travelled to Syria for my summer break and had my Lasik done there, (for $800 total-at the Eye and Ear Specialty hospital with Dr. Ziad Baagh) the best and most expensive Lasik I could find in that country). Now I am back home in Saudi-so I can't contact that Syrian doctor for my corneal specifications-I can't get in touch with him as he is also a surgeon and University lecturer (Plus he can't speak English!). I am currently working in Saudi Arabia as a Teacher in a hot and dry environment.

So should I consult a new Lasik doctor here and have him do a new eye topography to measure my -after lasik- corneal thickness?

Before surgery my pachyapex was 565 um and the pupil center 565 um and the thinnest location 556um-whatever that means.
Is this just a waste of money and a result of my paranoia? I mean
I have near perfect crisp vision-no blurs or night halos or anything, God be praised-I mean I walk in my office, look at stuff and say "Made in China" too everyone's astonishment!

Is it a good idea to have a lot of liver meat (kabda) a popular dish here (it is rich in Vitamin A which will help strenghthen my cornea). Can this help? Should I just stop worrying about ectasia?

I also have some dry eye sometimes. I feel like there's something in my eye. Its hot and dry here-desert/AC environment all the time (but little pollution). It has improved after taking Tears Naturale Free. I have bought some flax seed oil for this. Do I need to drink this daily? Help me out guy-I need to STOP my paranoi and live my life. Please-thanks a million. PS Good I found this site or I would have gone MAD.
Saleh Ridha
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Postby yawny » Sat Sep 08, 2007 5:38 am

I think that you need to relax a little and count your blessings, because you have such good vision and very little now in the way of complications. Why do you want to worry about what might happen, when things are great now? I mean it won't do you any good to dwell on it, if you can't change it will it? People who do this end up with ulcers and cause themselves a lot of stress. I am not trying to be mean here, but help you realize that if you have complications that is the time to seek help or see the doctor. I think you can certainly take supplemental flax seed oil etc. if you think it might help and it doesn't bother you. It has helped some people. If the dryness persists then address this issue with the doctor, but as far as worrying about the corneas, what is done is done, and it sounds like you had a very reputable doctor do the surgery, so you are probably okay. Just my two cents worth.
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Postby Saleh Ridha » Sat Sep 08, 2007 10:51 am

Thank you very much for your advice-I'm realizing that it's best to thank God for the Lasik and just enjoy my near perfect vision. You're right. I can't do anything about the cornea now, but I think I'm ok. I can do something about my dry eyes so I'll try the flax seed oil as it has helped some people, like you said. Thanks again-your input helped me.
Saleh Ridha
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