Post Lasik Dry Eye Long Term Studies

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Post Lasik Dry Eye Long Term Studies

Postby DryEye » Fri Jul 07, 2006 3:05 pm

Went in Post Lasik 1 month and after wetting my eyes had 20/15.
When I don't wet my eyes they aren't as good or clear/crisp.
I do spend considerable amount of time in front of computer screens on a daily basis. They have gotten better on a weekly basis since having it. Some days there seems to be a need to wet more than others.
Do you think vision can be 20/15 20/20 non-wetting after 6 months of regular wetting drop schedule based on your research experience?
Can one do damage to the eye by not wetting them on a regular basis after Post Lasik 3-6 months out, etc.
Do the eyes ever adjust on their own?
Jokingly, I guess I can say I am 20/15 Wet 20/30 or so Dry!
I do realize based on reading many of your replies to people's posts 6 month post lasik is a realistic healing time frame and most shouldn't expect the 20 minute miracle!
Your information seems to be on in many cases and people should be grateful to have you and this website as another tool to assist them along with their doctors!

Thanks Glenn!
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Postby LasikExpert » Fri Jul 07, 2006 5:00 pm

The best way to determine if your problem is dry eye or refractive error is with a comprehensive examination by your doctor. Problems induced by dry eyes are likely to resolve with healing. Problems induced by refractive error may resolve with healing, but are more likely to require corrective lenses or enhancement surgery to resolve.

The quality and quantity of your vision with the use of artificial tears is what you can reasonably expect after full healing and resolution of any refractive error and/or dry eye problems. Hopefully the refractive error and dry eye does resolve with healing. A very small percentage of Lasik patients have dry eyes permanently and some people had borderline natural dry eyes before Lasik that were pushed over that border with surgery.

It is important to be patient after Lasik, and if you really discuss the details with all those people who said they had the "20 Minute Miracle", you are likely to find that they too had minor problems during the recovery period.

Yes, you can do damage to your eyes if they are allowed to remain dry. This is true if the dryness is natural or due to Lasik. A problem with Lasik induced dry eye is that the nerves that are disrupted during surgery are the nerves that tell you when your eyes are dry (Hey, we hurt!) and regulate the tearing system (Hey, we need more lubrication!). This means that you cannot rely on discomfort or pain to tell you to add artificial tears. You need to create a regime and stick to it. It is, of course, always appropriate to add more preservative-free artificial tears when needed. The regime is for a minimum application.

If you have not already, be sure to read about Lasik Dry Eye Treatment.

I would not be so bold as to say people should appreciate our website and the information that we provide, but I'm delighted if the work we do is appreciate-able!
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