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Postby Saleh Ridha » Fri Oct 05, 2007 1:04 am

Hi! I recently posted about how nervous I was about having Ectasia and permanent dry eyes. I was driving my family crazy. Infact, my wife told me that had she known how much time I would spend on the internet on the Lasik topic, she wouldn't have recommended the surgery to me.
Anyways I decided to get my eyes checked. I had my operation in Syria over the summer break about two months ago and now I'm back in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where I live. I went to Riyadh Care Hospital to see the opthalmologist/Lasik doctor. I wanted to remove my fears once and for all. Ofcourse my wife was all for it! I guess a $30 exam fee for peace of mind is worth it. The doctor's assistant checked my eyes and said that I had perfect vision. She inquired about where I had my Lasik done and for how much (which sort of upset me). When I told her in Syria for $800, she was surprised and asked me about the air fare to Syria! I'm like, that's not your job lady! I got scared she'd give me the evil eye.
I saw the doctor and told him that I'm scared I have Ectasia. He sort of smiled but the assistant burst into a laugh. The doctor said that I had perfectly healthy corneas before the operation and Ectasia is only a problem with people who have thin corneas.
I told him that I was scared that the doc in Syria lasered too deep into my eye. He said not to worry. The doc actually programs the Lasik computer with my eye measurements. It's not that he just looks at the eye and lasers it!
Then I told him about my dry eyes and that I am scared that the condition will be permanent. He examined my eyes and said that he did not notice any particular dryness. And he told me that in this hot and dry desert environment, he tells patients that dry eyes will last anywhere from six to twelve months.
So I walked out of the hospital and next day noticed that my dry eyes were much better. Could it be that psychological factors might have something to do with dry eyes? It seems that when I was thinking about my having dry eyes so much, I felt that there was always something in my eyes. But since the doc told me that I didn't really have dry eyes, it seems that my dry eye problem is cured. But I still put in my "Tears Naturale Free" drops regularly-just in case.
All in all, I am very happy, God be praised. Will I recommend Lasik to others? Well, you will have to ask me after a few years. If my eyes remain like they are now-or even if my vision drops down to 20/20 and the dry eye is 100% cured (now its like 80%)-YES!
Thanks every one and take care!
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Postby LasikExpert » Fri Oct 05, 2007 4:58 am

I'm glad that you are happy with your outcome.
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