IT HURT FOR ME! PRK, after a few days

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IT HURT FOR ME! PRK, after a few days

Postby saritayuri » Thu Nov 01, 2007 10:16 pm


I was told I have dry-eyes before, perhaps which contributed to the pain I had with my healing with PRK.

I tell you, it hurt.

And I am not quite satisfied how the clinic dealt with my complaints of pain. The clinic and doctor I chose from this site. They were all smiles when I came strutting in positive for a procedure, and changed a lot after once the papers were signed. Very business like.

Here goes my description of what went on.
I had custom PRK surgery, the most expensive kind. I paid $4000 for both eyes. Some people said it's a waste of money, I can get just as good results with the under $2000 options but I insisted because I felt I should be with a qualified doctor.

I am sure the doctor is qualified in skill. But the clinic I went was almost like a Lasik factory, many people coming in and out, patients and staff alike, and each test I had from the beginning. This means I met about five or six people to examine my eyes and sign the papers before seeing the doctor who was to do my surgery.

I wanted to take my time with the doctor but the doctor was only interested in giving me very general things and constant reassurance that everything will be great. The doctor seemed very busy, and no other staff seemed to answer my questions with care.

On the surgery date I arrived very nervous. I was not given anything at all previously, (after reading, MarkD's post, I am feeling more uncared for in this regard) and after listening to another staff ask another patient if they wanted valium, I nervously waited for my turn to be asked. After some waiting time I was called from a staff I did not recognize, followed here and was suprised to be laid down on the surgery unexpectedly. I regretted I should have been more aggressive in my inquiry of pre-care and medication, but I also think it is a lack of care and consideration for the patient.

So the surgery began.
I was given a numbing solution, but the doctor did not ask if I felt anything or not. So I did when the doctor started handling my eye! I nearly freaked out, and I had to say rather strongly that I am in pain. No apology. Just added more drops (upon my insistence) until I verbally had to tell her when I am ready.

It was nerve racking for me. Perhaps that's why my eyes hurt more than usually said post-op, because I was tense and upset during the whole day. The first day is a blur, from adrenaline and medication, and I went home to sleep (when I asked before whether I would have to go to the drugstores myself for all the daunting eyedrops and medications I needed, they said yes. On the day, I was supplied with most of the eyedrops save the painkiller and sleep medication and tear solution, so that was another bad miscommunication)

At night, the pain hit me. It hurt very, very much. I was scared to touch my eyes but could do nothing but wait for more pain. I took sleep medication and slept.

Next morning, it hurt even more. I took sleep medication and painkillers (vic-din) to the maximum amount and more, all day long. I was told to come back to the clinic tomorrow since it was Sunday, so I sure had a wretched Sunday.

I was so glad to go to the clinic on Monday, which was about 48 hours after the surgery. But the place felt as business-like and detached as ever. I complained about my pain, but they said it is not uncommon and under the microscope, I am healing very well and should be glad. Well, I WAS glad to hear that, though I still felt a little bewildered by all of the unexpected pain I was having. The staff assured my that after 48 hours, things will be far better and I prayed on that word.

That night I could not sleep. I constantly alternated from cold pack to hot pack on my eyes, which seems like the only thing that really worked. The other medications just made feel weird and numb, expect around my eyes. My god it hurt!

I'm writing all this to give my real-life experience of the rosy pictures of PRK being of 'mild to moderate discomfort" It was not true for me. It was quite a trial.

Next day, which was day three and about 70 hours after the surgery, I had my family drive me down to the clinic even though I was told to come back in day five to remove the bandage contacts. I was pretty sure there was something that can be done, and it is unusual to have such pain.

Again, the story. Detached and business like, I was told to go home. Come back tomorrow.

Again, I went through agony through that night. I took whatever I can take, advil, tylonol pm, vic-din, amb-ent. Just so I can make to the morning.

Morning came. I was ready to cheer. At the clinic, they changed my bandage contact and come back in 2 days. I was told my eyes are healing exceptionally well, and no need to worry.

I'm happy about that, but I am wary now at the same time. Tomorrow I will go to the clinic tomorrow, finally to remove the bandage contact lens.

Since they put in new ones, I can't tell you how much the pain has improved! I felt euphoric yesterday because I am no longer writhing in pain, which I truly was.

I normally can take pain. But it was more intense than expected. Also, I do not like the clinic I went to be so business like and the doctor unreachable. I checked out few clinics before settling with this one from various reasons, but if I had the chance, I would have been more careful. One other clinic I went (also from this site) was better in many ways. The doctor who was going to do the surgery did most of the eye evaluation, and stayed with me for a long period of time and answered all my questions. I seriously regret not having chosen that clinic over this, but the time-frame did not allow it.

I can see very clearly now, but it is because of the bandage contacts. When they took it off, it the world again was a blur, which frightened me.

Well, the pain is really better today and I am going again to the clinic. I will post again.

I hope I have informed those who are considering PRK that for some people, it will not be as smooth as the clinics tell you.

Thanks for reading!
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Postby LasikExpert » Thu Nov 01, 2007 10:48 pm

My PRK was similar in discomfort. I know of people who had PRK and said they had virtually no pain or only mild discomfort, but that is not what everyone experiences - as you can attest.

I'm sorry to hear you do not feel the doctor's office responded to your concerns with the proper compassion. Even if a gazillion patients have gone before you with similar complaints and they all turned out fine, that does not excuse detachment from your expressed worries. I suggest that you write a note to your doctor about your experience a couple of months after all has settled down and you have a bit of perspective. Nobody wants a patient to have a bad experience if it can be avoided.
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Thank you.

Postby saritayuri » Thu Nov 01, 2007 11:05 pm

:( Thanks. I'll post again how it's going. (my eyes still glare, so excuse my spellings and grammar mistakes)
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Postby kschueleraugsburg » Mon Nov 05, 2007 11:00 pm

This seems to be rather the exception than the rule. I had Lasek (my surgeon called it PRK, but there was the diluted alcohol involved). And my experience was VERY positive, both in terms of the surgery/healing and also how I was taken care of by the entire staff.

Sorry to hear your negative experience, but when you start to see the positive outcome, it will make things forgotten.

Best of luck,

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Postby saritayuri » Tue Nov 06, 2007 12:49 am

actually I discovered many people having agonizing over PRK.
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Postby P.E.T.R.O.L. » Thu Dec 06, 2007 1:35 am

Sorry to hear about the bad experience. It sounds like the poor treatment made the experience much worse than it could/should have been. The care and attantion that I got when I had PRK last week was probably the best medical care I've ever had. I would advise anyone reading this to speak to previous patients of the surgeon you are considering before committing. Of course, they will only give you references that they think will be good ones, but even so there is a lot you can ask that can reveal how good the care is.
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Re: many

Postby houstonman » Thu Dec 06, 2007 3:47 am

saritayuri wrote:actually I discovered many people having agonizing over PRK.

Mine was only bad on day 3! ugh what a horrible morning... it felt like my eyes were on FIREEEEEE.
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