Question about "Enhancement"

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Question about "Enhancement"

Postby AprilH » Thu Nov 15, 2007 10:45 pm

I had my LASIK done on 10-11-07. I was -10 in both eyes prior to the correction; I was undercorrected and am now at about -2. I had to buy temporary glasses for driving and distance vision, and my opthamologist is already talking about doing a 'touchup' in a couple of months.

I am all for the touchup, but was wondering if the side effects I have now at 5 weeks post Lasik will be worse the 2nd time? I am having quite a tough time with dry eyes - have started on Restasis, and not enjoying that part too much. I do look forward to being completely 'enhanced' so that I don't need the glasses for driving, and I am not unhappy at all that I need the 2nd LASIK. Just wondering if there is a greater chance for halos and glare issues at night etc.

Thanks! Love this forum - I read it for weeks before taking the LASIK plunge.
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