4 weeks post IOL - eye aching

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4 weeks post IOL - eye aching

Postby Hathor65 » Sun Dec 02, 2007 10:13 am

4 weeks ago I had phakic intraocular lens implants in both eyes, 1 week apart here in Melbourne Australia. I resorted to this as my corneas were too thin for laser surgery and my left eye became intolerant to contact lenses 2 years ago (having worn them for 25years without problems!!).

The surgery went very well and I have better than 20:20 vision in both eyes. Since the op, and since the eyes settled from the surgery, I have been experiencing an aching pain in the left eye. I have been back to see my surgeon and been for a second opinion a number of times in the last 3 weeks and both have said the eye looks perfect, there is plenty of vault and no obvious reasons why the eye should be causing this. Also the vision is great and there is no redness or other telltale signs. As it has persisted for a number of weeks post op, I was sent for a CT scan. I got the results with the surgeon last week which showed everything to be normal. Both surgeons I have seen are baffled and have no ideas as to what could be causing it.

I am on strong anti-inflammatory tablets (Naprosyn 1000mg) and using Prednefrin Forte eye drops which have helped and improved my condition a bit but I still have days where the eye will ache badly (it feels like it"s coming from the orbit itself) and other days where it is pretty good. Prior to going on the drugs, the pain was intolerable and left me unable to concentrate at work and woke me up in the night.

If you are able to shed any light on this it would be a great help. I am currently on a 'wait and see' with my surgeon as to the next steps. I will continue with the medication and drops until the New Year and then may have to have the IOL's removed if it does not improve as a last resort.

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