1 month post-op & blurry right eye

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1 month post-op & blurry right eye

Postby skysenshi » Fri Dec 07, 2007 7:45 am

Hello, first let me say thanks to everyone. This forum has been very helpful in giving me relief the last few weeks. After reading through some of the threads I feel better knowing that I'm not the only one experiencing complications and that they are "normal"

My situation:

I got Intra-Lasik done at a big clinic with many doctors on 10/19/2007. My eyesight before that was not that bad. I would tell you what my prescription was but I'm in Japan and they have a different measurement system so...

Anyways, like many people I experienced immediate 20/20 vision within hours of the surgery. I could drive the next day and at night I experienced slight halos but it was not a problem.

On day 5, I awoke and noticed that my right eye was a little off, I could see slight double vision. I thought that maybe something was wrong with the flap so I rushed to the clinic where they told me that my flaps were fine and healing perfectly. They didn't tell me the reason for the double vision and changed my drops.

It got progressively worse the next few days and after almost visiting the clinic everyday they finally told me that the surface of my cornea was rough due to some scratch or something and that it would heal but was getting worse at the moment. At day 12, they put in a non-prescriptive contact lens that would protect the cornea as it healed. For the next 2 weeks, my right eye became gradually better and 2 days ago when I went to the clinic I felt it was on track to becoming like right after post-op. I could still see double vision but the imagine was sharp.

The doctor removed the contact lens and right after I noticed it was getting blurry again. Not as sharp. Then the next morning I experienced more astigmatisms and this morning it has gotten worse almost to the level that it was before I got the contact lens put in.

Is this abrasion to the cornea surface the same as edema or something else?

Anyways, thanks to this forum I'm still pretty positive it will get better. I still have my left eye which is perfect so can function rather normally during the day. Can't drive at night though...

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