Lasik completed yesterday.

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Lasik completed yesterday.

Postby Toastysoul » Thu Feb 07, 2008 6:54 pm

Refer to THIS thread in "Thinking about it" forum for background information.

I'm at 1 day post op for my Custom Lasik w/intralase (i.e. Bladeless Lasik w/wavefront, Visx Star4 laser). The procedure went very quickly, but was slightly hampered due my own inability to remain perfectly calm. I had taken the Valium 10 minutes prior to the surgery, but was still very anxious on the table. I guess I was simply unprepared mentally for the sensations of the suction on my eye. For me, that was the worst part of it. Over all the procedure itself was painless, though I did feel certain parts on the second eye. My surgeon was exceptionally fast and skilled. I have watched a couple videos on youtube, and in my mind, my procedure for both eyes took less time than the video for one eye.

About an hour after the procedure, I was unable to get to sleep due to severe pain in my right eye. The pain was bad enough I felt the need to call the doctor back. The Dr. mentioned that the pain was normal as the anesthetic was starting to wear off, which is why it was so critical to get to sleep ASAP. She recommended I take some advil and try to sleep as quickly as possible. Upon waking up 2 hours later, my right eye was fine, no pain what-so-ever, but the left eye which had been fine was starting to feel scratchy, and the foreign body sensation (like having a contact in backwards) still has not gone away.

I have absolutely perfect vision in my right eye. Better than 20/15 according to my Ophthalmologist that I saw today. Left eye has some slight ghosting and blurriness, but still reads 20/20. I was initially concerned that due to some difficulty I was having maintaining focus on the blinking light with my left eye, that it might have gotten slightly screwed up. However, my surgeon repeatedly said during the procedure everything was going "perfect" and afterwards said it could not have gone better. During her follow up phone call several hours after the procedure, she had mentioned that although my perception was that I wasn't focused very well, she has had many patients much worse, and she didn't believe that I was off-focus at all. In her notes that she asked I give to my Ophthalmologist, she indicated that although I was somewhat nervous, patient cooperation and patient focus were "Excellent".

As of my eye exam this morning, the blurriness in my left eye is due to corneal swelling, and very slight bleeding. Since I had had iritis in my left eye only about 8 months ago, and overall my left eye is weaker, I am not surprised. She indicated that my vision in the left eye should be considerably better in several days when swelling subsides.

The ghosting is almost gone as of right now, but I notice that the eye focuses quite slowly. However, despite everything, after my eye exam this morning I am quite confident at this point that my vision will be excellent in both eyes.

I think people should know that not every procedure goes awry, and in most cases your vision should be excellent. FWIW, it's a very good idea to *wait* until after your procedure to view the youtube videos. Watching what is going to be done may not be typical of what will happen to you, and often only makes you more nervous during the procedure. I for one, am glad I waited, there's a lot of ignorance in the comments on those videos, and it might have scared me away if I hadn't waited.

I'll try to keep up on my posts as I go along, and hopefully this information can help other people judge if it's the right procedure for them, without having to read through another "horror story".
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Postby BahamaPapa » Thu Feb 07, 2008 8:11 pm

sounds similar to my procedure January 10, 2008.
went very quickly, i estimate 90seconds per eye and i had prk
totally painless, no suction ring either
today i am 4 weeks post op and seeing great, and extremely pleased
actually thats an understatement
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Postby Toastysoul » Mon Feb 11, 2008 7:12 pm

Just completed another visit to the Eye Doc.

According to the doctor, I have the best vision he's ever seen after 5 days post-op, 20/15 both eyes. He indicated that there is still a slight prescription in my left eye +.25 w/slight astig, but he said that it's likely due to the swelling still in that eye.

When I woke up my right eye was really aggravated, and felt like I had something in my eye. I had no idea what it was until it got so bad right before I saw the doctor, that I sat in front of one of their mirrors and pulled my lid up to see what was going on. It looked like a small red worm-shaped lump curved just above the colored part of my eye. Scared the crap out of me until the doctor had said it was quite common post-op. He said that I broke a blood vessel in my eye, and that it was usually due to over-exertion or something similar. He said that it would be absorbed eventually, and that it was nothing to worry about.

However, when he examined the left eye, he showed some concern about what he said was a red thread stuck in my cornea. He said it's so close to the flap he's afraid to go in there and get it out. He contacted my Laser eye care specialist and they also said it wasn't a good idea due to the proximity to the flap, and recommended that I take a wait & see approach, and try to use the drops heavily. He rescheduled my next visit for a week away out of concern about the thread.

I'm not entirely certain how the thread got in there in first place. I was washing the adhesive off my face this morning from the medical tape used to hold the eye shields on (it has to be the stickiest tape I've ever seen BTW, leaves gunk on my face every morning) with a red towel, but the part I was using to wash my face was thoroughly wet. So, I have no idea.

I've also noticed a burning sensation where my eye lids touch happen when I lay down at night. Not every night, but some nights it's really bad. Also some intense itching in the corners. Doctor said it's normal, but recommended that I continue the omni-pred & Vigamox until my next visit with him on 2/11/08 since it won't hurt anything.
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Postby NINnerd » Tue Mar 25, 2008 8:30 pm

I'm following your story, Toasty. :) Any updates?
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Postby Toastysoul » Fri Aug 08, 2008 12:00 am

NINnerd wrote:I'm following your story, Toasty. :) Any updates?


Just did my 6 month follow up. According to my doctor, my eyes are completely stable, very atypical in that my visual acuity is 20/15 in both eyes. She emphasized that she almost never sees results as good as mine, and that makes me feel quite good about the final results.

Unfortunately, she also indicated that any further improvement in the drawbacks I have experienced is also unlikely. I still have significant dryness in the morning, to the point of (slight) pain often. However, when you consider that it was always painful (more than now) to put my contacts on in the morning, this isn't something that is that difficult to accept. I have experienced significant improvement in the dryness since the surgery, but not to the point of being drop free all day.

The starbursts and halos I experienced following the surgery are somewhat less and have been more or less stable since about 3 months following the surgery. These are more than I expected as a final result, and I was disappointed to find out that they are very unlikely to improve further.

My left eye is somewhat weaker than my right. The vision is astigmatic compared to the right. However, I can still make out letters on the 20/15 line, so the acuity is solid. It is also more difficult to focus with it, given that I was purposely left a little far sighted to account for further change in my vision as I age. According to my surgeon, nearsighted males in their mid-late twenties often continue to become a little more near sighted as they approach their 30th birthday. She has had excellent results in significantly reducing the number of patients needing enhancements by purposely over correcting the nearsightedness.

I have learned to focus through it, and no longer have any problems reading text on a computer screen or in a book. Initially, it was difficult for me, but I have fully adjusted to the distances at which I need to be to read. It's not abnormally long, but being nearsighted before, I was used to being abnormally close. My reading distance is now about 3/4 arm's length.

My doctor commented that I still have flap scars on my eyes that are more or less permanent, but will fade with time. It's not notifiable to me in the mirror, but I think it partly explains the halos/starbursts I still experience.

Given everything that has happened, I'm very happy with my choice, and I would definitely do it again.

I hope my experience helps others in deciding the best choice for them.

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