Why does squinting make vision clearer after lasik?

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Why does squinting make vision clearer after lasik?

Postby GrandpaJohn » Sat Apr 05, 2008 10:42 pm

Its been 5 weeks today since having Lasik. Its Awesome inside most the time, slight vision flucuations. I use weak reading glasses now. My problem is outside. In order to make things crisp and sharp at like a half block away I have to do the Clint Eastwood squint. When I squint things clear up and have crisp edges, like on road signs.
My vision also temporarily sharpens up when I put in eye drops. However inside distances are very good without squinting or eye drops.
Since squinting makes things sharpen up does that mean I might have to have more surgery or is this a normal part of the healing process? Thanks
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Postby mgear356 » Sun Apr 06, 2008 4:42 pm

interested to know this too..
cause i am facing this problem too..
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maybe it's an astigmatism

Postby catnmus » Mon Apr 14, 2008 6:55 am

I think the squinting could be an astigmatism. I know that I have an astigmatism now in my left eye, and probably my right (had that done 2 months after the left - I had epi-lasik). Squinting helps, but luckily mine isn't that bad in the left eye. Still too early to tell with the right. I'll see where I end up.

You should probably have an eye exam and see what your doctor recommends about astigmatism correction. But your eyes could still be healing, too.
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EyeDrops work temporarily before resorting to squinting

Postby GrandpaJohn » Mon Apr 14, 2008 10:14 pm

Thanks very much for your input.
I am hoping that my eyes are still healing. Its been 6 weeks now. When I put in eye drops my vision clears up very nicely, distance is sharp & clear. If it would just stay like that I would be very satisfied with my lasik surgery. But the clearing effect that the eye drops bring wears off in 5-10 mins and then I have to squint to make outside distance viewing sharp.
I really hope I dont need to get a tune up to fix any astigmatism that the surgery might have missed because I didnt buy the insurance to cover that so I would have to pay full price again, which I couldnt afford to do.
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