Had lasik 1 mnth ago. riding my motocycle with a full helmet

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Had lasik 1 mnth ago. riding my motocycle with a full helmet

Postby reapser » Fri Apr 25, 2008 5:31 pm

Although im happy with my results I do see somewhat hazy in my right eye but not to in extent that it bugs me alot. I do tend to do the so called "lasik salute" sometimes but im always checking myself not to do it..lol

But my question is this..I ride my motorbike sometimes to work but mostly I prefer riding the track. Is this gonna affect my healing process because im exposed to alot of air even though I wear a full helmet? I remember that when I used to wear my glasses under my helmet I would sometimes get red eyes because of all the air going in. Oh and I ride a sportbike, 04 suzuki GSXR :)
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Protect from dryness!

Postby catnmus » Fri Apr 25, 2008 6:19 pm

I had epi-lasik. I have a dry spot on my eye, that I suspect was caused at least partially by the air from the fan in my bedroom. I would talk to your eye doctor, and at the very least see whether it would be okay to use one of the more gel or ointment style drops when you ride. They take a couple minutes to really sink in and distribute, but I would think they would be a help. Talk to your doc first, because these things are not preservative-free; they are preservative-free-on-contact, and depending on how long ago your surgery was, your doc might recommend that you wait a little while before using them.
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