Slow Healing after LASIK??

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Slow Healing after LASIK??

Postby nedzie » Wed May 07, 2008 4:44 pm

I had Wavefront LASIK done last Monday, April 28th. 9 days later, I'm still not seeing clear at all. I'm seeing double vision in my left eye, and triple vision in my right eye. I can read things pretty clearly in my left eye, but then I see a 2nd image, like a ghost or shadow of the image. In the right eye, everything's blurry because of seeing at least 3 of the image. I went in 5 days after the procedure for a follow up to let my Dr. know what I'm seeing, and he did all the tests again and is contributing the vision problems to swelling. He said most people heal within 48 hours, and I'm just taking and abnormally long time to heal. He gave me stronger drops (Omnipred) to take the swelling down, but today is my fourth day with these drops and there is no change at all.

My Dr. is a reputable Dr. as far as I can tell.

Does what he is telling me sound like a reasonable reason for my sight being the way it is? How long until I can expect to notice some sort of change?
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