20 days post op Monovision

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20 days post op Monovision

Postby ohredwood » Thu May 08, 2008 4:48 pm

Well, I'm now 20 days from having my right eye custom Lasik with intralese, and very slowly getting use to this.
I have much better distance vision now, but interesting that I have to really concentrate on reading my computer screen a foot and a half from my face, it's kind of just not crisp, blurry slightly.
Anyway, went to DMV yesterday to have my restriction taken off my drivers license and it was kind of funny/scary.

Lady asked me to read 5th line down, I said okay, EADGF.
She said, great, now read me the line left of that, I said okay, FTOUE, she said great, but I need the line farther left of that one too. I blinked, backed up, squinted, and could not see any letters in the first collumn. I was kind of scared. I pulled my head out of reader and she asked me, what kind of lasik I had done. I told her monovision, and she said so you have one for reading and one for distance, I said yes. She smiled and said that's why I couldn't read the far left column because my reading eye which is on left can't see that one. So I thought, what now, is my eye not healed enough on right or am I going to have to have both eyes for distance to do this test and keep restriction on my license. She took the restriction off my license.

Is this normal, did she do me a favor or is that the way it's suppose to be with testing on those machines???
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