Intralase with zyoptix yesterday

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Intralase with zyoptix yesterday

Postby salieeee » Sat May 31, 2008 11:34 am

Well, I had the intralase procedure yesterday with the zyoptix laser and I am not happy. Well I'm not sure if I should be unhappy. Everything was blurry after the procedure and it's been pretty much the same since. My snellen's chart acuity today was the third line on the chart and even that was blurry. The only time everything isn't fuzzy is if I squint. Why is that when the doc told me that I'm on the plus side now rather than minus so that's good. He told me to reduced the number of times i take the steroid drops to 4 times a day and he'll see me in a week. I am not happy with a very blurry 20/?0(which is the 3rd line on the chart right???). Anyone have a similar post op period? I know everyone writes about the blurryness etc but most seem to have better vision than the third line. anyone?

2nd day post op
vision in right eye is about 20/20 I think but left eye is still very blurry.
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