Monovision - Difference between eyes

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Monovision - Difference between eyes

Postby BryanC » Thu Jun 05, 2008 5:27 pm

I had monovision LASIK treatment 3 weeks ago. I understood that the target vision was to be L 0.0 and R -2.25 where only my left eye would be treated. I subsequently discovered that my post surgery vision is L +0.25 and R -4.25. The surgeon says that it is perfectly normal to have monovision where the near sight eye is -4.0 or more and that they were saving me money by treating only my left eye. My right eye is the dominant eye.

This treatment does not seem to agree with anything that I have read about monovision. I was never informed that the difference in vision was to be that big. Should I be able to have satisfactory vision with such a result?
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