6/5 Result Zeimer with Allegretto Wave High Astigmatism (>

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6/5 Result Zeimer with Allegretto Wave High Astigmatism (>

Postby 06aggies » Fri Jun 06, 2008 6:03 pm

My Experience thus far (Day 1 afer surgery)

Well, here I sit, the day after the surgery, at work, on my PC without glasses.
Maybe not a total 100% success, but pretty good so far.

Starting perscription:
Both corneas are averaging about 580 microns thick, tested with the spinning disk thing, as well as an ultrasound.
Right eye 5.89 diopter myopia 4.3 diopter astigmatism @ 15 degrees with 6.6 mm pupil
Left eye 4.46 diopter myopia 4.18 diopter astigmatisn @ 172 degrees with 6.3 mm pupil
Never correctable to 20/20, usually 20/25 is about the best I can hope to see.

The procedure was fairly uneventful, although when I got in the elevator, I noticed this new poster that said they use a "Zeimer Laser" to create the flap. I had never really asked about the flap creation, they had the Interlase laser in all their marketing and posted around the office, so I was a little confused by this.

I didn't think much of it, met with the dr, watched a video, got post-op instructions, etc. When I was about to go in, I thought about the laser again so I asked. Turns out they got this new Ziemer laser (supposedly only a couple in the US) on Dec 22nd of last year, and they said they were going to use that. Supposedly uses lower energy to create the flap, and is supposed to all but eliminate sensitivity to light. Having not had a chance to do any research or anything on that, I took their word on it. FWIW, they said I could use the Interlase if I wanted, they still had it in the suite, and used it where the Ziemer was not practical.

The worst part was by far the flap creation, very odd to describe. It wasn't as much pressure as I was expecting, but very weird. The laser was very fast, the staff counted down the time as the flap was created, then again as the laser did its thing. I am glad I know what vaporized cornea smells like :) Whole time spent there was about an hour and 45 minutes, each eye was about 40 seconds from flap creation to end of laser treatment because the Zeimer moves over to the laser, no need to get up and move at all.

As soon as I got off the table, I could see! Not clear or anything, but I could tell that everything was more focused. Very very cool, since I really couldn't see anything before without glasses. Went home, took a nap, and was really good to go for the rest of the evening.

I did notice my left eye felt exactly like I had my old RGP contacts in, and something was in my eye, but hoped that would pass, Right eye was fine really. Didn't see any starbursting at all, but pretty good sized halos around most everything.

Went to bed with the lovely goggles they send you home with, and put drops in whenever I got up at night.

Woke up, left was still very hazy, and still felt like I had something in my left eye. Right is remarkably clear (for me), left is very hazy. Went for my follow-up this morning at 8 am.

First they made me look at the eye chart.
Right eye - 20/30 with me seeing a couple on the 20/25 ! Yay! Probably as good as I can get, I am really hoping it stays that good.
Left eye - 20/50 not great, very hazy, but a million times better than before.
They then looked through the slit lamp. Turns out my left eye has a fairly sizable scratch on the cornea. I actually recall a fair amount of pain when they made the flap on my left eye (not sure I was 100% numb), much more so than my right, so I am guessing it happened then. Flaps both look fine, no issues at all there.

Luckily, I have had scratches on my cornea before (RGP contacts I think make that happen a bit), so I am not concerned about that. They did put a soft contact over the eye to help with the pain, which it most certainly did, am much more comfortable, but they said that will delay the healing a tiny bit, and made the 20/50 even blurrier. I am going to go back on Monday and they are going to remove the contact and look again. I am hoping that maybe a little of the haze will go away in my left eye in the meantime, I think I am better than 20/50 in that eye, but the haze keeps me from being able to see.

Overall, I am very happy thus far, incredibly impressed with my right eye, and I think my left will definitely get better. Still very much expecting needing an enhancement, although I am hoping not, as I know my eyes may rebound back a little, but I think 20/30 in 1 eye is a good result.

Will update on Monday.
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Postby LasikExpert » Fri Jun 06, 2008 6:57 pm

Thanks for the journal. Keep us posted.
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Day 11

Postby 06aggies » Mon Jun 16, 2008 10:30 pm

Day 11 Post-Op
The actually took the bandage contact out a week ago (at day 4 post-op), and said I should start seeing a rapid improvement in my vision, and told me to come back in a week. Immediately after the contact was taken out, was seeing about 20/60ish, very very hazy still, halos everywhere with the left eye.

Went back today (day 11) for a check up. Vision is beginnning to come around. Left eye is much less hazy, still seeing halos around lights even in daylight with the left eye, right eye day vision seems very strong, night vision is getting better, have driven only a couple times at night without it being too terrifying (thanks summer!).

Right eye is seeing at 20/30 fairly reliably (probably the best it is capable of). Left eye can see 1 or 2 on the 20/40 line. My biggest problem is the left eye doesn't seem to have much contrast, the halos/haziness seem to blur everything. He tried refracting my eyesight to get it better, right eye was very close, left eye he could get me seeing the entire 20/40 line, but I think my left is more to do with contrast issues, and hope will get better as time goes on.

Dr. put the dye in my eyes and looked with the slit lamp. He says the surface of my left eye is still rough, and has put me on Muro 128 Ointment in my left eye. Says it should help smooth out the surface, and this is what is causing the haziness, says the swelling has gone down.

I can definitely tell the difference, and my left eye has definitely been getting better. He scheduled me for another 3 weeks out to come back. They don't do any rescanning until 3 months.

Does all this sound normal? Anyone have experience with Muro 128 ointment (he said the drops weren't worth using). I am still pleased with the results, a little nervous about my left eye, but think it is great to not have contacts or glasses anymore. Will update in 3 weeks time.
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