Monovision questions?

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Monovision questions?

Postby bbmrob » Tue Jun 10, 2008 5:48 pm

I am 37 years old and I had monovision surgery on my dominant right eye 1 week ago, and since then have been quite concerned about my vision. I see blurry both near and far now -kinda like I am wearing some elses glasses-, or like I have something in my eye all the time. My doctor was not compassionate about my concerns. I have to admit I did not do a whole lot of homework on monovision prior to the procedure. I trusted my doc, my minimal prescription and overall eye health. I asked my doc if I could see as well as I see with my glasses (I have -.75 in Right eye and -1.00 with a slight .50 astigmatism) after the surgery and whether I was a good candidate. He suggested monovision, seemed like a conservative good start when it was described to me by him. So my questions are after reading several of the postings:
1.Why have a lost my near vision which I had no problems with before surgery? (If a close right dominant eye I see clearer in close up)
2. What is a reasonable time to really get worried about near vision blur? and b. my distance blur? -if I close my left eye to see the distance I do see better than with both but not as well as with my glasses before-.
All your help would really be appriciated since I am not getting very far with my doc in the answers department...
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Postby mh » Wed Jun 11, 2008 8:34 am

I am about a month post monovision Lasik. At 1 week, I was just like you, neither here nor there. Blur close, blur far. I couldn't read signs and numbers when I was driving on the road (I drove VERY slowly and VERY carefully).

It will slowly come together. I am much better now. Sometimes I get very good vision I felt awed. Then a few hours later it is back to blurry here and there. But everyday there is at least slight improvements.

I had a bad cold, runny nose and sneezing alot last week. My vision was already progressing very good but after that cold I think my vision has dropped a few notches.

It was quite hard with monovision in the first 2 weeks I think, adjusting to the different two eyes. It was a big issue with me at first but that is slowly going too. It is easier after the vision starts to be more clear and in focus. Today I am still aware that my right eye (non dominant, reading vision) is kind of blurry in one corner (not the whole eye) when I looked at distant objects. I hope one day everything becomes totally clear and I am not aware at all about my reading eye when I looked at anything in the long-distance range.

One thing, I am glad I did monovision. If I close my reading eye with my palm and use my dominant eye only to read, I can't see letterings/words clearly unless they are like 2'0" (600mm) away! With my reading eye open, I can read normal prints at about 6" (150mm) away. But close-up, detailing work vision I guess is gone. I am considering to buy reading glasses to use for sewing/repairing hems and buttons. I am a 40+ mum of 4 and I also work with a computer alot. At my age, I don't mind the reading glasses if I have to use it.
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Postby mh » Fri Jun 20, 2008 4:51 am

This is to share my progress with others who have had monovision Lasik done recently.

I am now 5 weeks after monovision all laser Lasik. Just to recap, after Lasik my vision was blurry and a little hazy especially the first week. I couldn't read sign boards or see car numbers. However, I do have `functional' vision meaning I can drive safely without hitting anything or anyone but I couldn't see details clearly.

Adjusting to monovision is a little hard but at my age of nearing 50, there is no other Lasik choice I guess since I do want to read without glasses.

I checked my progress by looking at certain fixed objects to gauge how I am doing. One is a shelving of files infront of my work desk. Previously I couldn't read the spine labels from where I am sitting. Today I can but not very sharp yet, say 70% good. I also check by looking at some boxes I got stacked against the wall to the right of my desk. The labels are bigger prints, today I have no problem reading them, say 90% good. There is also a poster stuck to a cupboard in my house that I read. I can now read it further and further away then when I first started using it as a check.

I know my eyes are corrected properly for good vision. There are instances suddenly everything comes out clear. Even when I say I see blurry, it is not the blurry as when I was wearing glasses. This blurry after Lasik is I suspect, my brain's inability to merge the different corrections in my eyes done for monovision. In the blurry after Lasik, I know what I see is `sharp' but it is my difficulty to read the words. Possibly minor double vision?

I noticed my reading vision is very good now. I am happy with my reading vision. I wish I can see the tiny prints but I understand I cannot have all with Lasik. Who knows, it might get better later ... then I consider it a plus.

So, now it is waiting for my long distance vision to get together properly. Fluctuations of vision still there.

Still using Tears Naturale preservative free drops. Doctor started me on Lacrilube preservative free ointment at night. Eyes get very, very tired at the end of day if I have been using the computer alot during the day. More tolerant of sunlight now but keeping sunglasses on whenever I am out. My habit anyway since before Lasik.

Tried night driving a week ago. Star bursts from incoming cars' headlights. Have not driven at night since then. I have no vision problem indoors at night.

Overall, happy with progress. Not so worried anymore.

By the way, a bout of runny nose and sneezing episode (cold? flu?) can set back vision progress. But once cold/flu clears up, vision improves again.
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