How should the eye surface look after two weeks?

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How should the eye surface look after two weeks?

Postby meetootoo » Sat Jul 26, 2008 6:53 pm

This morning I looked at my left eye using a magnified mirror. In the inner corner of my eye, the suface looks slightly raised, and I can see a definite "demarkation" area. It is only in the corner and doesn't extend to my iris. It is almost like a soft contact might look if it were stuck in the inner corner of my eye, but not raised as high. I'm having a hard time describing what it looks like. My right eye is smooth without a raised area.

My eye does not hurt, and I can see fine with it. Yesterday, however, I did feel as if I had an eyelash in that eye for a short while. I kept putting drops in the eye, and then after about twenty minutes, the eyelash feeling was gone, and I actually could see more clearly and crisply than ever. This morning my vision was back to the way it was before yesterday.

Should I be worried? I'm freaking out about the raised area, worried that there is a problem with the flap. I can see clearly, though, and my eye doesn't hurt.

My surgery was on July 10, and at my one week check-up, my vision was 20/20 in that eye (corrected from a -8 diopter).
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Postby LasikExpert » Sun Jul 27, 2008 3:18 am

It sounds like you are seeing a dry spot on the sclera (white area) of the eye. It could be inflammation or something that was there before surgery (did you ever use a magnifying mirror to look at your eyes before surgery?).

The lack of pain or visual symptoms indicates it is not something to be overly worried about, but give your doctor's office a call and describe the situation. They will probably want to take a look or will check your medical chart to see if it was noted at the last exam.
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