5 days after Lasik

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5 days after Lasik

Postby jaxjoy » Tue Sep 02, 2008 5:48 pm

I had lasik for myopia 5 days ago and it seems I have been overcorrected. It seems as though now I am farsighted. Is this something that should correct itself abit? I'm 34 so I don't expect it to be presbyopia just yet. I also still have very hazy vision which from reading is quite expected. Being on the computer as I am now is giving me headaches and I can't do it for very long, which is hard because I work only on the computer.

The one problem I am having that I have yet to read anything about is about perspective issues. For example if I look at a DVD case which I know from my past experience to have 4 straight sides, it now is curved at the top corners bowing outwards. I'm very curious why I am having distortion issues. Has anyone heard of this? Also images close to me look huge even though they are blurry...my hands for example...and people look scrunched. I realize that I need patience but I just wonder how many days have to pass before I don't regret this surgery any more.
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Postby jaxjoy » Tue Sep 09, 2008 6:15 pm

12 days post lasik-an update:

After about a week I went back into the Dr. due to the feeling of something constantly in my left eye. He said could possibly be a wrinkle in flap and I am having issues with prescription differing in left eye so he put a contact in it for now. The right eye seems to be healing like a champ but my left eye wants to be fussy for some reason. Last night I kept having sharp stabbing pains and spasms in the left eye also. It almost felt like sharp little fiberglass pieces were in my eye. Strain maybe? I was on the computer when it happened.

The left eye even with contact seems to be blurring up alot. I am not sure if it is because my eye has gotten worse or better so I am contemplating having them remove the contact to see but I really hate the feeling of pestering the dr.

When I am outside vision seems much crisper but as soon as I get indoors its a whole different story. From what I have read here and elsewhere this seems to be a common issue at first at least. Just hangin in there like the rest of us :) Crossing fingers the next 2 weeks brings more improvements.
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Postby LasikExpert » Wed Sep 10, 2008 5:28 am

Report the pain to your doctor straight-away. It could be as benign as a poorly fitted contact lens, or something more important. Let your doctor decide.

Your doctor can give you an exam to determine if you are actually farsighted or if this is just a part of the healing process.
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