8-days post-op - problem?

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8-days post-op - problem?

Postby SaltedWalter » Thu Sep 18, 2008 5:46 am

Hi all!

I'm 8 days post-lasik. My vision is almost perfect in my left eye since surgery. Right eye is another story.

I'm aware that it takes time to heal. I also understand that most blurred vision problems are due to dry eyes. But you see, my problem seems slightly different.

Before surgery, my right eye was -1.50 with astigmatism. Since day one, that eye has been blurry. It doenst matter if it's near sight or far sight. I don't think it's over or undercorrected, because I can see really far with it and can read like I used to.

But when I compare vision with both eyes, the left eye is crisp, as if I had brand new glasses or contact lenses. I dont perceive contrast and color the same with the right eye though.

What concerns me is that it won't go away even with aggressive use of eye drops. I havent seen any fluctuation whatsoever with both eyes since surgery, except when they needed lubrification.

The fact that it's my dominant eye is annoying, too.

It's hard to explain. it feels like my eye lost some "vision power". It's dimmed a bit, blurry a bit, doesn't perceive contrast and color as much as the left eye.

And it's exactly the same since the day of the surgery.

Should I be concerned?

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Postby LasikExpert » Thu Sep 18, 2008 6:18 pm

It is likely that there is little to worry about, but you should, of course, report your vision quality problem to your doctor's office so they may check if there is a treatable problem.

There are many possible reasons for your symptoms from benign to relatively serious, but speculation would be just that - speculation. Ask your doctor for a diagnosis and ask for a refraction (which is better, one or two) to determine if the problem is simple refractive error. Although quality of vision can be diminished due to dry eye, this does not sound like a dry eye difficulty.

You are correct that it is much too early to come to any conclusions, but let your doctor check you out and provide advice. If you have a sudden change in vision, like overnight or within a day, contact your doctor immediately.
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