Lasik what a feeling

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Lasik what a feeling

Postby nikki1008 » Mon Oct 27, 2008 3:16 pm

I just had Lasik surgery on my eyes and I feel like a new woman. I have been wearing glasses since I was 8 years old. I must admit I was petrified about someone putting a laser to my eye but my doctor was wonderful. Before I went in he told me what to expect. He numbed my eyes with drops and he checked me thru the microscope. Then he put more numb drops and told me to lie down on the bed. He them put in a ring to my eyes so he can cut and put more drops and he then pulled my eyelids with a spring and did the laser thing. He said a smell of burnt hair may vapor but not to worry and I didn’t. He counted to 30 seconds and it was done. He put more drops and it look like he painted my eyes with a brush and I was done. I got up and could see a clock perfectly without glasses what a feeling. I wish this were more established about 10 years ago as I am now 49 but I figured with all the costs of eye exams and new glasses and prescription sun glasses I would be saving a bundle. The cost is really reasonable since you can pay it off in 2 years without interest or put it on your flex pay account. I urge anyone who is tired of glasses & contacts to look into this procedure you will have a great experience. I am able to drive, go to the movies and watch TV without the glasses. I can also do my hair and makeup without the use of glasses just that alone is great.

The only bad thing about having 20/20 vision now is I am able to see people really up close that I never notice before, whether it’s my daughter who has a zit or the wrinkles on myself as well as friends which I wish I didn’t. I guess it’s time to get some potent wrinkle creams for myself or look into plastic surgery. That’s the thing once you start correcting one part of your body you want to start correcting other parts. I am going to try alternative methods because I still need to pay off the Lasik surgery first.

Regardless of all this, having your eyes corrected is still the best thing I have done and I hope those of you who are considering it will now go for it because it’s really worth it
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