How can I tell if Restasis is working?

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How can I tell if Restasis is working?

Postby Kper » Tue Oct 20, 2009 7:05 pm

How can somebody tell if Restasis is actually working?
I am 3 months post Lasik and my right eye was doing well until about a week ago when I noticed my morning vision was fuzzy but cleared up in the afternoon. After 3 days of that my vision now stays fuzzy/blurry throughout the entire day. I have brief moments of somewhat clear vision (if I don't blink!) and I'm wondering if it's the Restasis messing with me. Preserve and non-preserve drops don't seem to help regardless of using them constantly. I have been using the non-preserve drops for 6 weeks. My regular optometrist says Restasis is a waste of money and when my prescription runs out I should quit. What am I to do?

I have, or should I say, had, good vision from my right eye - zero with -0.50 astigmatism. My left eye was overcorrected to +1.0 with double vision complications. Not the double vision as in I see two of everything, but during the day my vision wasn't sharp and I could see 2 lights where there should be only one. Red was worse than any other color. Night time driving is a nightmare. It fluctuates but never completely goes away. My local optometrist can greatly reduce, and nearly eliminate the double vision with glasses. I'm told this could still be corneal swelling... is this possible after 3 months?

Thank you.
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Re: How can I tell if Restasis is working?

Postby LasikExpert » Sun Nov 01, 2009 10:47 pm

Kper wrote:My regular optometrist says Restasis is a waste of money and when my prescription runs out I should quit.

Restasis is the only medication that is FDA approved to treat an underlying cause of dry eye - inflammation. If you do not have dry eye because of inflammation, then Restasis is not going to help. If inflammation is squeezing the tiny channels that carry the fluids that constitute tears to your eyes and blocking that flow, then Restais will work well. The manufacturer states that a patient will not realize the full effect of Restasis until after three months of use, although some benefit may be realized earlier. If you started Restasis the day you had surgery, you would just now be gaining its benefits.

The symptoms you describe can be attributed to both Lasik dry eye and to inflammation of the cornea. Inflammation from the surgery is likely resolved, however the dry eye could cause inflammation or could exacerbate surgery related inflammation.

If you are able to have the poor vision in your overcorrected eye fully resolved with glasses, then the probability of enhancement surgery being able to resolve the refractive error is relatively high. Inflammation tends to make a person myopic (nearsighted, shortsighted), not hyperopic. If you have inflammation problems it may be that your hyperopia is actually a bit worse than it appears. Inflammation can most certainly cause doubled vision.

It appears that you need more time and maintenance of the apparent dry eye and inflammation problems before making any long-term decisions
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