PRK questions/concerns

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PRK questions/concerns

Postby ginaemory » Tue Oct 17, 2006 4:00 pm

My daughter and I both had vision correction surgery recently (OD on 9/25; OS on 10/6). I was able to have Lasik using the Alegretto laser and the Intralase for the flap. I started off with just my right (dominant) eye, hoping to be able to do monovision due to a concern that I would need reading glasses all day while at the computer. It turned out that the computer screen is at a distance that required my corrected eye to see it clearly and that with my uncorrected eye was blurry, so two weeks later I had my left eye corrected. So far, so good for me. I do feel my vision fluctuates some, and my right eye still seems to have a bit of astigmatism, but I have also not been using lubricating drops regularly and didn't realize the effect dry eyes can have on vision and healing. I also didn't realize the healing took so long with Lasik. After reading posts in this forum, and the article on dry eyes, I started using drops and my eyes immediately felt better and the vision seemed a tad better, so thank you Glenn, for all that great info! BTW, I am 51 and can still read most everything, except the tiniest print, without reading glasses in good light. In incandescent light in my living room, I use very low power reading glasses. I'm really thrilled with that. Now, my question:

My daughter had thin corneas, so she had to have PRK. We understood that the pain would be much greater than with Lasik and recovery would be slower, but she is having a terrible time with her vision. She had surgery on 10/7. She literally could not open her eyes for 5 days after surgery without extreme pain. After 5 days, she could open her eyes, but has terrible ghosting/double vision at every distance (near, mid, far) and gets nauseated and dizzy. This did start to improve a bit, and then yesterday she suddenly was in as bad a state as she'd been in, with bad vision and dizziness. We go today for our post op checkups (1 week, give or take), but the doctor we see for these visits is not the surgeon, is very young (29) and has not yet developed his "bedside manner" in that he is not very reassuring or forthcoming with information. I have gotten more info from this site than from him. My daughter is very frustrated and emotionally distraught. She is using eyedrops regularly, both the steroid drops as proscribed by the doctor and the Refresh drops, as well as the Refresh PM at night. She does think perhaps she should use the Refresh more frequently, but is not sure. She uses them about every hour. She is a mom and feels like she can't do anything with her kids due to her horrible vision. Any thoughts? I know she's still early in her healing, but some reassurance would be helpful. I don't know her original prescription offhand, but she had no astigmatism, just myopia in the range of 20/425 or so (not sure the diopters). She is only 30. I'm hoping the doctor today will be more encouraging, but in case he isn't, any comments you could share would be appreciated. Let me echo the sentiments of others - this is a great site. I wish we'd found it before surgery as she may have gone into it with different expectations - or not done it at all. Thanks for all you do.
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Postby LasikExpert » Thu Nov 09, 2006 2:43 am

I'm sorry to hear of your daughter's difficulties. I don't know how encouraging I can be, but all surface ablation techniques require much more time for vision recovery and are commonly much less comfortable than Lasik or IntraLasik.

Good dry eye management will be important. Preservative-free eye drops and night time gels will create a healthy environment and will promote healing. If the eyes are not lubricated, every blink and every movement can disturb or damage the epithelium (outermost layer of the cornea) that needs to reproduce, thicken, and smooth before good vision will arrive.

If her vision is fully correctable with lenses, such as during a manifest refraction (which is better, one or two?), then she may have simple refractive error causing her difficulties. This will undoubtedly change during the healing process, but an inexpensive pair of glasses to help on the more challenging situations may be appropriate.

If she does not have marked improvement in the next few weeks, I recommend you ask your optometrist to refer her to the surgeon for evaluation. Don’t expect his chairside manner to improve much when you make that request, but you should be able to see the surgeon anytime it seems necessary.

Thank you for your kind words about our website. Be sure to see Helping Lasik Patients.
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