ICL 3 days ago - absolutely super!

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ICL 3 days ago - absolutely super!

Postby ness27 » Thu Nov 30, 2006 4:29 am

Hi there yet again,
Just thought i would post and let you all know i had my ICL implanted in my left eye three days ago and i am so extatic with the results! My left eye is the weaker eye so they done that first. Upon awakening from the general anaesthetic, my eye was gritty but didn't hurt and once i stopped tearing everywhere i could see immediately! I couldn't believe it and started crying! The PAK has also worked on my astigmatism. I am unsure what my level is but i went back the day after for a check up and i could read the 4th bottom line with no worries at all and could pluck some of the letters off the third bottom line, my left eye is lazy so if i stared too long they all ran together but i am extremely excited to have my right one done this monday and i think my vision will be great when they are both up and running! I can't believe i can read the 4th bottom line when before this operation i could not even see the big A - no joking! Anyway, I am 3 days post op now and couldn't even tell its happened. So I thought i would touch base and let you know my op was a brilliant success - in my mind anyway. A quick queston for you Glenn - on my post op, my surgeon did say i had a littlle oedema from the PAK but nothing to worry about then said something like about .5 wasn't sure if that meant remaning astigmatism or something to do with the oedema - your thoughts would be appreciated.
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Postby LasikExpert » Thu Nov 30, 2006 5:21 am

First of all; Congratulations! It is great to hear of you positive results.

Edema (oedema) simply means inflammation. Where the incision was made you have a little swelling. That is to be expected and will undoubtedly resolve in the next few days. Residual astigmatism of 0.50 diopters would be a very small amount and could be all from the edema.

Please do report back.
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