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icl update

Postby ness27 » Wed Jan 17, 2007 12:10 pm

Hello again,
Just wanted to give you an update now i have had my left icl for 8 weeks and my right icl for 7 weeks. I think i wrote last time that my previous post op i could read the 2nd bottom line which i was told gave me 20/20 vision - well since then my vision has deteriorated slightly. My left eye is still very good and crisp but my right eye is fuzzy. I went back for another appt yesterday and dr explained to me that the cut he made to relax my astigmatism - (Penetrating astigmatic keratotomy) is now being healed a little too well by my body. So as i heal the cut he made is having less effect on reducing my astigmatism. When i started i had a 3.5 astigmatism in the right and left eye. He now says that the left eye is approximately -1 and my right eye +2 so he says that that makes it 0. It kind of went over my head a little as he said before the op my long sightedness was +7.5 and 3.5 astigmatism which made me 10 then he started dividing numbers by other numbers and got me all confused. Anyway, the point to this story is that he said in 3 months i will go back and he will make an assessment on whether to perform a little laser on my right eye to correct the remaining astigmatism. I am very hesitant to do that when i am really happy with the vision i have now - i can see vision perfectly like looking at people and driving etc, its only when i have to read something really small that its a problem - i can even read the newspaper ok - only the really small print i have trouble with. So I think I'll opt just for having a pair of reading glasses to correct the astigmatism - safer option i think - what do you think? Anyway, overall i am still extraordinarily happy with the outcome.

One other thing i wanted to pick your brain about was my right eye has been feeling so gritty the last week or so and dr inverted the eyelid and had a real good look and said he could see nothing. It really is a little paintful sometimes but if i put drops in it settles for maybe 5 - 10 minutes then comes back again - also while it is gritty my vision is poorer but after drops its crisp again. The problem actually feels like it stems from the inner most corner of my eye (closest to the nose) near my tear duct. Could this be dry eye? I do remember having this prob before the op but not to this extent - dr says it could be the post op steroid drops exaserbating dry eye but usually the effects cease after 6 weeks at the most - so i don't know. Your advice would be appreciated!
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Postby LasikExpert » Mon Jan 22, 2007 5:18 am

Fortunately you do not need to make a decision about enhancement surgery for several more weeks. My recommendation is to not worry about that particular bridge until you arrive to cross it.

What you describe does sound like dry eye. Your doctor can do dry eye tests to determine the probable cause. My educated guess is that you have some edema (swelling) that is blocking the tiny channels that carry the fluids that comprise the tear film. Hopefully this will resolve with healing, but may need treatment.
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