just had a lasek enhancement 3 days ago question for lasik e

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It may be that it is the amount of light that causes the difference. In a low light environment the pupils enlarge and light passing through the periphery of the cornea is able to reach the inside of the eye and be "seen". If the periphery is poorly focused or otherwise is aberrated, you would have well focused light from the center of the cornea mixed with less well focused light from the periphery and this can cause a reduction in vision quality. This can occur with or without Lasik.

Incandescent, florescent, and natural sunlight all have a different range of wavelengths. Some of these can cause problematic vision if the cornea bends the particular wavelength differently. If you are able, you might consider changing the screw-in bulbs to incandescent or florescent bulbs to a Kelvin (warmth) that more closely replicates natural light.
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