Bubble was burst-

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Bubble was burst-

Postby mike r » Sat Feb 03, 2007 5:07 pm

I went for my follow up yesterday was done on dec 21 allegretto lasik w/ keratome. I road the staff on all the checks and balances because I wanted to know some of the info to.

Anyway I discovered I went from a +1.25 and or +1.75 both eyes with -1.75 to -2.25 of astigmatism these are estimates cause I ripped up the old prescription.

I got the first number out of them for both eyes a -1.25 and -1.75. The opposite of what I was I guess originally but the doc said I am heading in the right direction. Back toward the + numbers over the last 2 checks which is supposed to be good. Who knows? and then I was moved along quickly toward the door and never got a check on my tear plug thing. But he did check the flaps. With the high powered slit light and purple light. And they triple checked my eyes with the clicker machine the automatic machine and the handheld one eye at a time do-hickey.
He also said I was about a click away??? from I guess a good 20/20. But I still had no problem reading the 20/20 line. Said I would not be referred for enhancement from whats gathered so far but I m not healed either. I argued with him that I was healed or felt healed . And that a standoff.

I asked about whether some peolpe are just not predisosed for 20/15 and he said yes that is true and it isnt just the eyeball being biologically sound but the circuitry between the eye and your brain that could be skewed never thought of that one. He said when in school and studying he evaluated athletes and a lot of these guys had the awesome vision as comparable to the public. There genetics are just real good.

Oh well I thought I was an older contender...So be it... Just an average Joe I mean Mike...
mike r
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Postby rgonyer » Mon Feb 05, 2007 8:25 pm

Hope it continues to improve for you Joe! I mean... Mike! ;-)

Some guys have all the luck huh? Million dollar careers, perfect eye sight, etc... but I guess they have their downsides too - enormous pressure, drugs, injuries.....
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