2 weeks after wavefront, blurriness and strange halo effect

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2 weeks after wavefront, blurriness and strange halo effect

Postby Erik » Thu Mar 01, 2007 9:04 pm

Hi all,

I had IntraLasik (bladeless) with CustomVue (wavefront) on 2/13/2007, so I'm 2+ weeks out now. It was for -3.25 and -3.5 myopia with 0.25 and 0.25 astigmatism.

The results have been OK but slightly disappointing; the vision is definitely less good than with glasses before. The 1 week checkup tested me as 20/20 (and the Lasik clinic was very eager to declare my case as such for their records), but just barely able to read that line on the chart, when originally with glasses I could read 20/20 crisply and nearly 20/15. It hasn't really improved in the next week since that checkup. I don't think it's refractive error, as the slight blurriness is consistent across all distances and is nearly the same in both eyes.

I have moderate dryness which is manageable with eyedrops every couple hours. And I still see halos even in only moderately dark conditions.

Anyway, my main question is about a strange visual artifact in my left eye only. In halo conditions, I see three dark stripes diagonally through each of the halos, equally spaced, with the middle one running through the center of the halo / light source. The Lasik doctor said she had not heard of that effect and advised me to just wait through the healing process. The halos have been diminishing over time, but the stripes effect hasn't changed. It doesn't seem to affect my vision outside of halo conditions, and it's annoying but not debilitating. (I think I could drive OK with it, though I haven't tried yet.)

Has anyone else had or heard of something like that? Will it heal or be permanent? Is there further treatment?

- Erik
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Postby Erik » Tue May 29, 2007 8:31 pm

Well I figured I'd come back for an update. I'm 3.5 months out from the surgery now.

That artifact of dark stripes did slowly disappear and is now unnoticeable unless I remember to consciously look for it. And the residual blurriness has cleared up as well. In a follow-up last week, I could read 20/20 crisply and 20/15 with some difficulty. The halos have receded where driving at night is no problem now. And the dryness is very manageable, I need drops maybe once or twice a day.

So I'm pretty happy with the results now. And to everyone else on the forum -- please do give it time; the healing process really can take six months or more.

- Erik
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Postby LasikExpert » Tue May 29, 2007 9:09 pm

I'm glad to hear from you and to hear that all is resolving with healing.
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