Had Custom LASIK with IntraLase 6/1/07 and ...

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Had Custom LASIK with IntraLase 6/1/07 and ...

Postby bootfetish » Sat Jun 23, 2007 5:31 am

Date: June 1, 2007 Friday .............................

Had lasik, and it was an experience. I decided not to take the valium.

Right after surgery, my eyes were watering, blurry, and the left one felt worse, like there was a lash in it. I basically sat in a dark room and talked on the phone for hours. :) (too excited to just sleep)

Day 1 afterwards Saturday. My left eye was still bugging me, but I could open my eyes, and still sat in the dark, went to the doctors, and mentioned about the left eye hurting. They checked it and said it might just be healing slower, and that the flaps looked good. Both eyes were red, but the left one had a lot of broken blood vessels, and was very swollen. Site was great ...I was amazed at how good I could see.

Day 2 Sunday OUCH...I was using the drops, and re wetting drops, but my left eye was feeling rough , still annoying, and like the lash was in it, with pain. I had to buy a BOX of thera tears, and was eating up tylenol and everything. Was this normal? I was beginning to think NOT.

Day 3 Monday OUCHIE OUCHIE....I decided to stay home from work, since my left eye was feeling obnoxiously painful. I was living off motrin, and tylenol. It was coming and going the pain. I could go do something and a few hours later, the lash in the eye feeling was horrible. The right eye was doing very well. I could see very well in both. Just left one was hurt.

Day 4 Tuesday..>No work again, just felt bad, my left eye was so scratchy, I literally wanted to rip it out. It was odd, I can take pain but this was beyond annoying. I contacted the TLC center I had it done, and the surgeon and doctors were not there that day! I also contacted my eye doctor, and they were not in either. I had to call the EMERGENCY hotline it got that bad. They stated I should get to the surgeon or doctor because it should not hurt this long.

DAY 5 RELIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay on this day, I literally drove forty minutes to see the surgeon who did the LASIK. He looked at the flaps, and said they were normal , then he said that for some reason he sees a lot of left eye troubles, more then the right eye. He gave me a drop of Acular LS, that is like Motrin for the eye. I was feeling better in a hour of the drop! ( I only used this drop till the following Saturday as it stops healing)

DAY 6 Thursday WORK WORK..I was at work, on computer, and doing much better

NOW: June 23, 2007 Saturday I am doing well, I use drops every two hours to keep the eyes lubricated, I don't seem to have any night vision problems. My eyes are now 20/25+ in both eyes. I hear they should get better.

Just wanted to write my experience down...:) Thanks to anyone reading this...:)

Postby LasikExpert » Sat Jun 23, 2007 9:51 pm

Thanks for the detailed report!
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Postby bootfetish » Sat Jul 21, 2007 7:42 pm

UPDATE: 7/21/07 had my 1 month follow up today. I asked and do not have any stigmatism left in either eye. Also I am seeing 20/20 in both eyes !!! AMAZING> I am elated since last appointment I was seeing 20/25+.

I was also told to wait a few before getting color contacts. I think I am going to wait at least six months before doing that, if I even decide at that time. Just don't want to open the flaps back up by accident and what not.

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